How to make a fashionable hairstyle

How to make a fashionable hairstyle
Girls want to be stylish and spend as little time as possible. However, you can build a fashionable hairdo with your own hands, having spent 10-15 minutes on it. After a little training, you will look no worse than if you visited the salon.

You will need
  • – hairdryer;
  • – утюжок для выпрямления;
  • – rubber bands;
  • – studs;
  • – mousse;
  • fixing means.
Holders of short haircuts can make an artistic mess on their head. To do this, dry the damp hair damp hair, without using the comb, and just by clicking on the strands with your hands. Secure the result with lacquer. In order to make the image even brighter, you can add a few artificial strands of bright colors.

Naturalness is always in fashion. And such a natural hairstyle can be created in ten minutes. Dry your hair the way you like it, fix the result with a light mousse. Take a few strands and highlight them with a gel with a strong hold. At the same time, they can be slightly curved.

Конский хвост из прически прилежных schoolgirls turned into a glamorous trend. To build a tail like this on your head, add a volume on the top of the head with a round brush-massage, and then tighten the hair on the back of the head with a tight elastic band. If you wear a bang, it is desirable to straighten it or comb it on its side. If you want to give your hair a larger volume, then pull your fingers out a little on the top of your head. You can leave some strands free. The resulting hair style, fix with a spray or lacquer with a fixation.

In order to make a fashionable bunch, you will additionally need hairpins. First, build a ponytail on your head, catching the hair at the base with an elastic band, and then wrap the tail with a spiral and secure it with the studs. For reliability, you can strengthen your hair with a fixing varnish.

Lush hair on the back of the neck, but smooth in front – another trendy trend this season. Straighten bangs. Apply a little mousse on damp hair in the crown area and dry them with a hair dryer, creating an extra volume. After that, comb the hair back with a soft brush and fasten them with hairpins just below the crown. The remaining hair is fixed in such a way that they cover the barrettes. Whip the hair with your fingers and use a varnish.

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