How to make a fashionable hairstyle on medium length hair? A lot of options from professionals

How to make a fashionable hairstyle on medium length hair? A lot of options from professionals
A fashionable hairstyle is a real decoration. Hair of medium length allows you to create many different hairstyles for all occasions. Turn every day into a holiday every girl can do, for this it is enough to know some tricks and tricks. The daily problem of many women and girls, the owners of medium length hair – is a selection of hair. They want to make it beautiful and spend a minimum of time. There are several fashionable hairstyles that you can do every day.

So, for example, there are several variations on the theme "Ponytail". A habitual tail can be turned into a beautiful hairstyle, adding a highlight, which can be an unusual hairpin or a woven braid. You can also play with the height of the tail, thus obtaining visually different hairstyles.

A common tail can be transformed if a spit is twisted around it. In front you can dissolve the hair and slightly curl, thereby creating a feeling of lightness.

Whatever time passed, the braids remain a fashionable trend in the beauty industry. A lot of hairstyles are somehow connected with them. In creating a new image, stylists tend to use the weave to the maximum, as the braids or their elements in the hairstyle create an original, stylish and fashionable theme, playing with which, even in Home conditions you can maintain beauty and be irresistible.

If you are going to a party, it's enough to decorate your image of the French waterfall hairdo. Openwork braids only at first glance seem difficult for weaving, but this is just an analogue of the usual braid. If you practice a little, then you can weave braids of this kind in just a few minutes.

To make a "French waterfall" hairstyle, you first need to separate one small strand from the temple, then from it begin to weave the French pigtail, directing it not downwards, as usual, but horizontally. In the ear area, cross between the right and middle strands, then take the strand from above and pass it between the braid links. It will serve as a "waterfall wave" in the hairstyle. So you have to continue to weave around the entire circumference of the head, ending only with another temple.

Чтобы французская коса выглядела более объемной и ажурной, во время плетения старайтесь слегка вытягивать звенья в стороны. Когда коса будет закончена, наденьте на ее конец тонкую, эластичную резинку и зафиксируйте заколкой-невидимкой. Чтобы не было видно, можно спрятать конец под последней спускающейся прядью. Для закрепления прически используйте лак для волос.

Hairstyle "mix" is also popular among owners of medium-length hair. It combines immediately harnesses and braids, it looks very complicated, so many refuse the haircut of such a plan. And in vain, because in fact it is performed in just a few minutes.

To create a "mix" hair style you will need:

– hairpins and invisible little thin hair bands;
– Comb with small and frequent denticles;
– Hair spray;
– hair spray.

First, you need to divide the hair horizontally into two equal parts. From the bottom of the hair weave a tight spikelet, fix the end with an elastic band. The upper part of the hair is divided into a side parting, then separate still 4 unequal parts: two side and two large (upper and lower). A large lower strand should be sprayed with a spray for the root volume, and the upper comb the comb and lay back. From the side strands, make the tourniquets and, reaching the middle of the head, connect them into one large bundle, while grasping the combed part of the hair. Next, wrap the tourniquet around the spikelet and secure it with a pair of invisible hairpins.

As a fixation of the hair, it is not necessary to use lacquer, it can be a modeling tool.

Hairstyles based on mischievous curls will be appropriate when properly served, not only at a party or reception, but also during a business conversation.

Creating curls does not take you a lot of time, you just need not forget that the result should be fixed with lacquer to enjoy it for a long time. Fashionable in this season curls can be easily obtained in the home conditions, this will require the following items:

– curlers of large or medium diameter, depending on the desired volume;
– горячие щипцы;
– hairdryer;
– Brush-brush;
– mousse for hair;
– hair spray.

The time it will take to get the curls varies from 20 minutes to several hours. It all depends on the method that was chosen initially. For example, the time of curling on hair curlers is from 2-3 hours, it's better to start from the evening and take them off only in the morning, and with hot tongs you can get perfect romantic curls in a few minutes. The forceps have two main functions – curling, straightening hair. They allow you to make no less beautiful waves that will create a fashionable hairstyle and refresh the image.

To begin with, the hair should be washed with shampoo, dried with a hair dryer and a round brush. Stepping back 5 centimeters from the roots, apply mousse on hair. Next, you need to divide the hair into several parts and each curl it. The main secret is that the more individual strands there are, the more elegant the hairstyle will look.

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