How to make a drawing on nails in 2018 year

How to make a drawing on nails in 2018 year
Nails with drawings can look very stylish, but only on condition that the pattern is made with taste. Try several nail design options, from simple to complex. It is not necessary to have the skills of an artist – an interesting idea and the correct selection of colors is much more important.

You will need
  • – Brushes;
  • – dense enamels;
  • – dot;
  • – top coating;
  • – rhinestones.
Buy everything you need for nail design. You will need dense lacquers that do not appear through single-layer application. To create drawings you need a variety of brushes. Acquire a thin round and flat with a bevelled tip, and a metal stick-dos. To fix the drawings will help the top coating with glitter or a shimmer. For additional decor, dry colored pigments, rhinestones, glitter will be useful.

Try a simple drawing with three colored varnishes. First, cover the nails with a dark blue or black base varnish. Do not wait for it to dry completely, put on the brush a little blue lacquer with a holographic effect and make one or two arched strokes on the nails. Slightly press on the brush to make it fan-shaped. Allow the varnish to dry for 2-3 minutes.

Type on the brush a pink varnish with sparkles and apply two or three strokes on top of the blue. The blue and pink colors on the dark substrate will give an amazing effect of deep overflows. Do not repeat the strokes on all nails – stripes of colored varnish should lie down arbitrarily. After finishing the manicure, fix it with a glossy top-drying.

Very beautiful drawing can be created with the help of a metal rod-dotsa. Try a fashion drip technique. Cover the nails with a base dark blue varnish in one or two layers. Dry the coating. On a piece of thick paper, drip several shades of varnish – for example, white, silver and blue.

Dip the dots into a white lacquer and make a series of dots with even spaces, as if depicting the contour of the nail. Then draw the intersecting lines in the center, coming from the top and bottom edges of the plates. Wipe the dots and dip it in a silvery lacquer. Place silver dots between white. Again, wipe the stick with the ball, dip it into the blue lacquer and duplicate the lines. If desired, the picture can be complicated by adding points of one or two more colors. In the center of the crossing lines put a drop of any varnish and attach a white pearl or rhinestone. Cover the figure with glitter.

Make a beautiful pattern with wavy lines. Cover the nails with a background lacquer of the color of dark gold. Apply it in two coats and dry it. Dip a thin round brush into the black enamel and make a few wavy strokes on one side of the nail. Wipe the brush with a cotton disc moistened in a nail polish remover. Dip the brush in the white enamel and duplicate the black lines. Let the varnish dry and cover it with a top with fine golden sparkles.

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