How to make a drawing lacquer? Basic techniques for nail design

How to make a drawing lacquer? Basic techniques for nail design
One of the attributes of a beautiful and well-groomed woman is an impeccable manicure. However, now it is unlikely that someone will be surprised with neat nails. Therefore, in order to stand out from the crowd, to emphasize your individuality and style, you can make a manicure with drawings. This service is offered almost all the salons, but if you want it will not be difficult to master the technique of nail art yourself. To make a beautiful drawing on the nails in the home conditions, понадобятся разноцветные лаки для ногтей. Причем чем больше, тем лучше. У тех, кто только начинает рисовать, в коллекции обязательно должны быть базовые цвета: черный, белый и красный.

When choosing paint varnishes, it is recommended to buy more liquid coatings, since it is easier to work with them.

Also prepare:
– brushes of different sizes;
– иголки и зубочистки – при желании можно купить профессиональный инструмент, называющийся дотса, но и без этого вполне получится обойтись, ведь есть подручные средства;
– a transparent coating that will protect the manicure with a pattern and save it longer.

In general, the process of drawing a drawing on the nails is a creative work, requiring a flight of imagination and a bit of skill. But this process is so addictive that with perseverance you can learn to do just masterpieces on your nails.

So, the first thing to learn is what methods of drawing on the nails exist. There are two of them: dry drawing and wet. The first technique is that the pattern is applied to the already dried lacquer. This is done as follows: the nail plate is covered with a varnish-base. After it is completely dried with a needle or a fine brush, the points are placed, which must be arranged in accordance with the designed drawing. Next, each drop with a needle, toothpick or dots is stretched into the desired picture.

The technique of wet drawing involves drawing Pictures and work with a still not dried coat. The nail plate is covered with the chosen base lacquer and, until it is dried, the drops are placed in the right order in the desired order, and then they are collected in the desired pattern. All this must be done while the coating is not frozen.

Beginners should choose the technique of wet drawing, as it is easier to perform, but it looks very good on nails.

With the help of varnish and a needle you can depict everything on your nails. One of the foundations of such drawing is considered to be flowers. To create such beauty, you need to apply the main lacquer to the nail until it has dried, put five drops of a different color. They will be located around. Next, you need to place the needle in the center of one of the droplets and slowly draw the arc down. The lacquer point will have a tail that tends to the center of the circle. With the rest of the drops do the same manipulations. After this, you can designate the core of the flower with a bright varnish. For greater similarity, work out each petal with a thin needle.

After the image of the flower is mastered, it is worth trying to draw feathers. For this, the nail plate is covered with varnish and three points on the wet basis are placed diagonally. Then through them you need to draw a thin line through the needle. By the way, placing drops in any order, changing their color and size, you can create an original picture. The main thing is not to be afraid of experiments.

The above options for drawing with nail varnish – this is what it is recommended to master first thing. Do not immediately swing at complex images. It is better to practice on flowers, feathers, gradually adding geometric patterns in the form of lines.

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