How to make a deodorant at home

How to make a deodorant at home
Home remedies have always been in the course of beautiful ladies. Many women know how to make different masks, tonics and creams. And can someone do deodorant at home?

Современному человеку достаточно сложно представить свою жизнь без дезодорантов и антиперспирантов. Врачи всего мира категорично высказываются относительно этих средств. По их мнению, дезодоранты негативно влияют на организм. Аргументируя это тем, что в них содержится вредные вещества, провоцирующие развитие раковых заболеваний. Неудивительно, что все чаще люди ищут другие способы борьбы с запахом пота. Прекрасной альтернативой продукции заводского производства являются народные средства. Антиперспирант можно приготовить самостоятельно. Преимущества такого дезодоранта очевидны: безопасность и натуральность компонентов в его составе.

To date, there are many recipes, antiperspirant preparations at home. This allows each person to choose the best option.

Wax deodorant

The melted wax is mixed with refined olive oil. To give the deodorant a pleasant smell, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. The resulting mixture is poured into a container, put in a dark cool place. Antiperspirant can be used after it has solidified.

Natural deodorant

Corn starch is mixed with soda and tea tree oil. For the production of solid deodorant, it is necessary to use coconut oil. Pour the resulting mass into a container and put it in a cool place. Antiperspirant can be used after about two days.

Soda deodorant

Preheated coconut oil is thoroughly mixed with baking soda. Then add essential oils to your taste. Pour into a container and leave until the mixture is well solidified.

Deodorant antiseptic

Melted in a water bath, coconut oil is mixed with the ethereal (thyme, lavender and rosemary) and castor is added. A couple of days you can use deodorant.

Deodorant for delicate skin

Melted coconut milk is mixed with beeswax and white clay. Then add rosemary and shea butter. Begin to use after hardening.

Дезодорант от Клеопатры

Recipes of beauty from Cleopatra are used even now. By its recipes you can cook and deodorant. Its main ingredient is grape seed oil. It is mixed with tea tree oil and rosemary oil. The shelf life of such antiperspirant is not more than three months. So do not prepare it for stock.

Many women who have experienced natural deodorants, never again return to those that are sold in the store.

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