How to make a delicious home made lip scrub

How to make a delicious home made lip scrub
Do you like tasty home make-up that you can eat? Try to make a sweet lip scrub. It softens the skin of the lips and gives them a natural sheen.

You will need
  • -Small jar for storage of shine
  • -A few drops of vanilla essence
  • -One teaspoon of coconut oil (can be replaced with olive oil)
  • -Две чайных ложки сахара-сырца (более крупный, чем сахар коричневый)
  • -2 teaspoon white sugar
  • -2-3 raspberries
Mix two types of sugar. Add the melted coconut oil and vanilla essence, and then mix again well.

На блюдце, при помощи чайной ложки, помните ягоды малины. Добавьте получившееся пюре в раннее изготовленную смесь и перемешайте.

In the scrub, you can add small seeds of sesame seeds or semolina, this will give extra exfoliation to your lips. Your scrub is ready! Enjoy!

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