How to make a daytime make-up

How to make a daytime make-up
What is everyday makeup? This, first of all, clearly worked out actions, which will take you no more than 20 minutes. After all, not every one of us can get up at five o'clock in the morning to pick out the shadows, the blush and the color of the lipstick. Day makeup a woman should do automatically, knowing in advance what is behind what goes and how it should look.

You will need
  • – makeup base;
  • – powder;
  • – eyeshadow;
  • – eyebrow pencil;
  • – mascara;
  • – blush;
  • – lip gloss.
The first thing to do is to wash your face thoroughly and spend the morning skin care. It consists in cleansing, toning and moisturizing with the help of special means chosen by you cosmetic company.

Only after you can go on to apply a foundation or any other specialized makeup. The main thing here is to choose the right shade of cream. It should not stand out and look like a mask. Remember, the main task of foundation is not to disguise your problem areas of the skin, but only to level the tone of the face, hiding small flaws and irregularities.

Under eyes better additionally apply another layer of foundation, but only one tone lighter.

Настало время припудриться, наносим пудру большой кистью в направлении массажных линий.

After – a little attention to the eyebrows. It is advisable to give them a shade of your color volos – this will create a harmonious and natural image.

Now my eyes. You can give depth and clarity to the look with a fairly easy reception. Take a black pencil and paint them a line between the eyelashes, gently shading the edges (for example, with a cotton swab).

Shadow queue. Natural daylight makeup implies the use of neutral shades: pastel, brown or gray tones. For a significant part of the mobile age, apply light beige color, in a fold between century and in the outer corner lay a more saturated shade, and the inner – on the contrary, light.

Finishing makeup eye, use forceps to twirl the eyelashes and apply a brown or black ink neat movements first to the bottom eyelashes, and then to the upper ones.

Для губ вполне подойдет следующий вариант – нейтральный оттенок pencil for the lips and transparent shine.

The finishing touch makeupа станет пара легких взмахов кисти для румян.

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