How to make a cream for oily skin in 2018 year

How to make a cream for oily skin in 2018 year
Prepared at home, the cream has several advantages: it does not have any harmful chemicals, and you know exactly what its composition is. On the other hand, you are not immune to allergies to natural ingredients, so you should be careful.

You will need
  • Dishes:
  • – large enamel bowl
  • – glass bowls
  • – a clean spoon
  • – банка для готового крема
  • – water thermometer
  • For the cream:
  • – almond oil
  • – basil
  • – ginger extract
  • sucrose stearate
  • – essential grapefruit oil
Each cream consists of components of several groups: base oils, active substances, essential oils and emulsifiers. Specific substances are selected depending on the needs of the skin. In addition, you will need distilled water or a decoction of herbs. In standard proportions, 30% oil, 60% water or decoction, 5-7% active substance, 2% emulsifier and 5-10 drops of essential oil are usually taken.

Базовыми маслами для жирной кожи являются масло виноградных косточек, лесного ореха, миндальное, персиковое, кукурузное. В качестве эмульгаторов выступают стеарат сахарозы и цетиловый спирт. Из эфирных масел для жирной кожи хороши бергамот, мелисса, розмарин, лимон и грейпфрут. Активные вещества – сухие дрожжи, экстракт имбиря или хмельной.

If you decide to use herbal decoctions, choose calendula, chamomile, sage: they have antiseptic properties and are able to soothe inflammation on the problem skin. You can also use basil, softening and toning. Glass containers with fatty oil and herbal decoction are heated in a water bath using an enamel bowl as an external container.

Use a thermometer to measure the temperature of the liquids in the tanks. When reaching 60 degrees, pour the emulsifier into the oil. Wait for it to dissolve and pour the same water, stirring constantly. Achieve uniformity of the cream, remove it from the heat and put in a "cold bath", for example, a bowl of cold water. At 35-40 degrees, add active ingredients and essential oils to the cream, stir. The resulting emulsion is transferred to a jar and put in the refrigerator.

One option, which substances can be used to prepare a cream for oily skin, is the following. Base oil – 30 ml almond, 60 ml basil broth, active substance – 5 ml extract of ginger, emulsifier – 2 g sucrose stearate, 7 drops of essential grapefruit oil. Try this option if you are afraid to experiment. Ingredients can be bought at a pharmacy or a specialized online store.

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