How to make a comb

How to make a comb
Hairstyles with a fleece were an extremely fashionable trend in the past decade, and if for a while they lost their popularity among the female half of the population, today the love for such hairstyles is becoming a fashion trend again. A qualitatively made coat is able to emphasize your appearance in an original way, and also give volume to any hair.

Wash and dry thoroughly hair, подсушите tips феном в приподнятом состоянии, а затем подготовьте расческу с редкими округлыми зубьями для выделения прядей, которые вы будете comb. Strip the strands under the top layer volos – top layer thickness of 1 cm, separate and chop.

Begin to comb the lower strands neatly, gradually, starting from tips, and slowly advancing to the roots as the strands are combed. If you have dense and heavy hair, after combing each strand with a lacquer-fixative.

A little comb the hair back with a massage soft brush, without making sudden movements. Then carefully comb the upper smooth layer of hair, hiding tangled and combed strands. Give your hair a shape, fix it with a varnish.

Lay on the side of a magnificent bangs – it perfectly complements your new image. Such a hairstyle will suit all women, except those that differ too narrow and elongated face.

In order not to spoil the hair, never делайте начес на хрупкие мокрые волосы, а также следите, чтобы on the hairbrush there were no strands left – the right hair does not tear strands of hair. Always apply on the hair before nap softening balm.

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