How to make a bust smaller

How to make a bust smaller
Excessively magnificent breast can deliver to its owner a lot of trouble. For example, you can not sleep on your stomach, it is uncomfortable to run and jump, it is difficult to choose blouses and dresses. Fortunately, this problem can be solved in several ways.

Choose the right clothes. The easiest way to adjust the shape and size of the breast with a special bra. However, it must be remembered that pulling underwear is not recommended to be worn constantly, as it can cause blood circulation disorders.

Try to lose weight. The breast is largely composed of fatty tissues, so with a decrease in weight, there is a significant reduction in the size of the bust. With a sharp weight loss, the breasts can lose shape and become flabby. To avoid this, you need to strengthen muscles with physical exercises and use special creams to maintain the elasticity of the skin.

Do exercises for the development of pectoral muscles. Press, pull on the bar, go swimming with a crawl and a brace. Especially effective for reducing bust exercises with dumbbells. Begin with a small weight of 1-1,5 kg, gradually increasing it as the muscles grow.

A radical method of breast reduction is surgical intervention. This operation is called reduction mammoplasty. This procedure is carried out in clinics of plastic surgery and is quite expensive. In addition, the rehabilitation period after the operation can last several weeks.

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