How to make a bristle grow

How to make a bristle grow
Men have to spend a lot of time on shaving and facial hair care, but there is hardly any representative of the stronger sex who wants to get rid of stubble forever, because it is considered an indicator of masculinity. But what to do, if the hair on the face grows little or unevenly? There are several ways to fix this problem.

Замедленный рост волос может быть признаком нехватки мужского гормона-тестостерона. Повысить уровень тестостерона можно разными способами:

– Eat a small handful of nuts or sunflower seeds daily;
– Eat more seafood;
– eat poultry instead of pork and lamb;
– daily take 20 drops of tincture of ginseng;
– занимайтесь спортом;
– sleep at least 7-8 hours per day;
– чаще находитесь на свежем воздухе;
– give up beer, coffee and strong tea. In these drinks there are substances suppressing the production of testosterone.

Burdock oil well nourishes a hair bulb and promotes hair growth. Steam your face with steam, bending over a container with hot water. On the steamed face, put gauze, soaked with burdock oil. The oil temperature should be room or slightly higher. After 1,5-2 hours, wash off the face with oil using soap or foam to wash.

Stimulation of blood circulation will also help to strengthen the growth of hair on the face. Do face peeling once a week, applying scrub in circular motions. Solid particles not only cleanse the skin well and saturate it with oxygen, but increase the flow of blood. Facial scrub can be done by yourself. To do this, grind a handful of coffee beans in a blender and mix them with a gel or foam for shaving.

Take 500 ml of vodka and add two pods of hot pepper. After the vodka has been infused, it is possible to make compresses. Mix 50 ml of tincture with 150 ml of water. With the resulting mixture, wet gauze or a piece of cotton cloth and put on the area where grow hair. After 5-7 minutes, wash with warm water. Such compresses well stimulate blood circulation.

Существуют специальные лосьоны на основе миноксидила, которые усиливают рост волос. Но не спешите ими пользоваться. Такие препараты предназначены для стимулирования роста волос на голове, а о том, как лосьон подействует на лицо, неизвестно. Если вы все же решились на применения такого средства, наносите его строго на те участки кожи, где должны быть волосы.

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