How to make a bow on your head

How to make a bow on your head
Hairstyle «bow"Is very original and popular. It is very convenient, and it does not take much time to create it. Try to create on your head an elegant bow that will emphasize your evening or daytime outfit.

To create an exquisite bow you will need a hairspray, a pair of rubber bands, hairpins and invisibility. If the hair curls a little, they must be straightened beforehand. Carefully comb the hair with a small comb and sprinkle with lacquer with a strong fixation.

Select the triangle from the hair in the area of ??the crown, leaving small and identical strands on the temples. Screw the strands into large curlers to create an extra volume.

Lubricate your hands with gel or wax, then make a tail out of the tail behind them. Pull it as tight as possible with an elastic band. So the hair will not crumble, and the hair will have a more neat look. Select one strand at the top of the tail and kill it. It will be needed later.

Наденьте на низ хвоста еще одну резинку и разделите на две одинаковые части волосы, которые расположены между нижней и верхней резинками, сформировав из них бант, после чего закрепите его шпильками. Начешите кончики и слегка смочите их лаком. Так прическа станет более пышной.

Make a knot on the bow, using a string left in advance. Place it on the center of the bow and secure it with the invisible underneath. Hide the tips inside the hairstyle so that the bow turns smooth, and no hairs protrude from it.

Twist the hair from the temporal zone with a small bundle of hair and firmly fix them with hairpins, hiding it under the bow. Lay the bangs with a wave and lock it with invisible objects, then fix it with lacquer. After 15-20 minutes, remove the invisible, smooth out the resulting hair.

If desired, try decorating the finished hairstyle with a rim or small hairpins. You can also use studs with inlays and stones of various colors and sizes. Do not forget that the decorations must match the chosen along with the color and style, so in advance choose the suitable things.

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