How to make a bow of hair

How to make a bow of hair
Hairstyle in the form of a bow – a funny idea of ??stylists, which has come to taste very much. Variety stars, models and just fashionable girls are happy to wear such bows, constructing them on the vertex or modestly stacking on the back of the head. The bow can be challenging or very elegant, it comes to a variety of outfits. In addition, this hairstyle is very convenient and does not require constant correction.

You will need
  • – mousse for styling;
  • – hair dryer or hair iron;
  • – Erasers for hair;
  • – studs;
  • – comb;
  • – lacquer strong fixation;
  • – shine in the spray;
  • – wax for styling.
To make a bow out of volos looked beautiful, strands should be clean and perfectly smooth. Wash your head, apply to volosы разглаживающий бальзам. Просушите их полотенцем. Вотрите в корни мусс для укладки, распределите его с помощью расчески и обработайте пряди феном-щеткой, вытягивая их. Волнистые volosyou straighten the iron. Allow them to cool and proceed with the styling.

Решите, как будет выглядеть ваш бантик. Вы можете заколоть большой «пропеллер» на макушке, уложить аккуратную «восьмерку» над ухом или разместить элегантный бант-butterfly on the back of the head. The choice of option depends on the length of your volos and the image. A tall bow will make your appearance slightly infantile and defiant, and a low beam will add grace and will perfectly blend in with the evening gown.

Try to lay a bow on the back of your head. Carefully comb voloss and divide them into two parts. Top grind the clip – it will be required for the final stage of the hairstyle. Bottom gather in the tail on the back of the head and fasten with a thin rubber band in color volos. Rub a small amount of wax in your palms for styling. volosin order to give them a smoothness.

Take another rubber band and fasten it on the tail by 10 centimeters below the first. Hair, caught between the strings, divide into two equal parts in the form of loops. Raise the lower part of the tail to its base and pin it with studs so that the rubber bands are close. Carefully stretch the resulting blades. Hair on the back of the head slightly scratch, sprinkle with varnish, divide into two parts and attach them to the halves of the bow, giving it great splendor. Turn the tips of the strands inward. Fix both halves of the bow with the studs.

Loosen the front part volos, lightly brush it, smooth the comb and sprinkle with varnish. Take the wide strand back and cover it with the middle of the bow. Turn the ends inside. Secure the structure with studs. Finished bow smooth out, knocked out voloski smooth the comb. Sprinkle your hair with glitter in the spray.

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