How to make a biocoal in 2018 year

How to make a biocoal in 2018 year
chemical perm was invented in the early twentieth century. Probably, in the world there is not one owner of straight hair, which at least once in my life I would like to curl them. It is advisable not to damage the hair. At the beginning of the 21st century, this became possible, because a sparing curl of hair appeared – a biocoal. So, what is needed to realize your dream of beautiful curls?

First, select the master you are willing to trust with your hair. After all, the result will depend on his professionalism.

Consult your hairdresser about the composition of the choose. What components should be included in it, so that it will go exactly to your hair type.

If your hair is damaged, it is not meansthat the hair is not for you. However, for best results, first one or more professional hair restoration sessions, depending on the degree of damage.

Curl choose not only in accordance with the trends of fashion, but also with your type of face. Before I do biochemical, consult with the master. It will help you choose the right size of curls (if necessary, several sizes) and the optimal length of hair.

Remember the main rule: the smaller the facial features, the less the curl should be. The exception is brunettes from nature, owners of swarthy skin, large features and plump lips. If your appearance is such, you can safely choose a small, so-called, Negroid curl.

If you are the owner of an elongated, lean face, you can afford steep curls on the hair of various lengths, including the bangs. To a pear-shaped face, choose a straight curl on the square to the level of the cheekbone. A hat made of vertical curls of two or more sizes perfectly fits to a triangular face.

When choosing the shape of the curl, consider also the hair color. If you are the owner of black or red hair, you can safely choose any size, because on the hair of these flowers look fine and "small demon", and large curls. If your hair is light-light-brown, light brown or chestnut color, choose your choice on a large curl or wave. If you are a bright blonde, choose the most natural wave. However, if in addition to "blonde» вы обладаете еще и идеальными чертами лица, можете поэкспериментировать с мелкими кудряшками.

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