How to make a beautiful nail design

How to make a beautiful nail design
Design nails – one of the most popular services in beauty salons. But, unfortunately, not always enough money to use it. However, you can try to make a beautiful nail design at home.

You will need
  • – кисти разной толщины;
  • – stencils;
  • – small tweezers with flat ends;
  • – nail polishes;
  • – стразы, жемчужины, наклейки для ногтей;
  • – nail polish remover;
  • – fixer, fixing the picture.
For the application of lacquer and pattern on the nails use special tools and devices that you can easily buy in shops with professional equipment for beauty salons.

For drawing on nails usually use brushes, often very thin. You can draw as a liquid lacquer, but in this case there is a danger of mixing colors, and on the dried up. First, practice on a regular sheet of paper. Draw a border of your nail on it and try to draw a simple drawing. Happened? Then dare.

Drawing on the nails can also be performed with a conventional sewing needle. Apply a thick layer of nail on the nail and, and without waiting for drying, drip a few drops of a different color. Using a needle, give a drop some outlines. To draw small elements, you can use the thin side of the needle, for larger details – the side with the eye.

Unexpected, but no less popular way of design of nails – drawing made with the use of an adhesive tape. Stick an adhesive tape on the glass, cut out from it with a stationery knife the design or ornament you invented and place the homemade stencil on the prepared base, completely dried lacquer. Fill the space with a varnish of a different color. Carefully remove the stencil. Wait until the varnish is completely dry, and open the nails with a layer of fixer.

Nails can be painted гелевыми ручками. Stationery stores offer a very wide selection of these writing accessories. It is better to use handles with a metallic luster – the gel in them is more oily, and evenly lays on the base. Draw a transparent lacquer.

Nails can be decorated with various rhinestones, pearls, acrylic modeling. The main thing is that the picture does not look cumbersome. If you do not have a special artistic talent, you can simply paste beautiful stickers, then cover the nail with a fixer.

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