How to make a beautiful manicure on short nails

How to make a beautiful manicure on short nails
Now many women would like to see their hands with long beautifully painted nails. But do not forget that with a properly executed manicure and short nails can look very even worthy.

Before doing a manicure, prepare the nail plate. Otherwise, even a very beautiful varnish will not look neat. Give the nails the right shape with a file for natural nails. Special treatment process the cuticle and push it away with an orange stick. If necessary, grind the surface of the nail with a special bar.

To begin with, try using varnishes of discreet, light shades. Very impressive look calm tone, suitable to the tone of the skin of the human body. Choose your own from them. Beige, pastel, кремовый, нежно-розовый или золотистый – любой цвет на ваш вкус. Сначала попробуйте накрасить один ноготь. Посмотрите подходит ли данный лак для вас. Если вам все нравится, нанесите его на остальные ногти.

Type a little varnish on the brush. Remove the surplus by gently holding the jars on the neck. Bring the brush closer to the base of the nail. Gently press the bristles into the cuticle. The outline should be clear and even. Then lead the brush in the opposite direction to the tip of the nail. Further very quickly, until the varnish began to dry out, once again, immerse the brush in the vial. Two clear movements apply a varnish on the side surfaces of the nail plate.

Dry your nails. Now you can start applying the second layer of varnish. This is necessary in order to hide the gaps. After each application, it is necessary to dry your nails well. Otherwise, on still unshadowed varnish you risk leaving traces of a brush. Now, if you want, you can make an additional decor. Try to decorate the manicure with sequins. He looks very impressive.

In the end, always apply a top coat on the nails. It will help to preserve the manicure for a long time, quickly dry the varnish and give glossy gloss to the nails.

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