How to make a beautiful hairstyle for a girl

How to make a beautiful hairstyle for a girl
For sure, braid the most common pigtails will not be difficult for any mom, grandmother or, for example, the elder sister. But in the huge world of hairstyles there are more interesting, not much different in complexity, pigtails. And do not be afraid to try. After all, how do you want your child to look neat and smart at the holiday or in everyday life? Especially because your little princess will be delighted and, of course, will appreciate my mother's care.

The first thing is to carefully comb hair, previously slightly moistened with water (this is done for a more comfortable combing, and also that the hair does not disintegrate in the process of work).

Carefully use a comb with thin teeth to make any part, As one of the options, try do пробор-зигзаг или просто зачешите волосы на любую из сторон.

Затем соберите волосы назад в хвост и хорошо зафиксируйте по центру. В качестве крепления лучше select tight elastic, then the hair will surely be strong.

Now you need to divide the resulting tail into strands, preferably smaller ones, to get 5-7 braids. And plait each strand in a regular braid. For convenience, you can ask the child keep each of the braids ready to prevent their dissolution.

Coil the pigtails together and attach a small elastic band.

Now fasten the rubber band at the base of the resulting tail of plaits так, чтобы кончики косичек свисали.

And now it all depends on your imagination. There are many variants of this hairstyle. For your convenience, several examples are given.
– fluff the ends of the braids, you will get a mischievous hairstyle;

– to fix on a received hairdress a hairpin-flower;

– the braids are not ordinary pigtails, for example, braids of two strands, which are alternately shifted. And then to do everything, as it is written above;

You can braid the braids from four strands. Two strands that are in the middle, constantly weave, one lower strand is from below, and the second – from above. We take the remaining two strands, put the first on top, and the second – from below. It turns out a very surprising pigtail. You need to make 4-5 such braids, the following actions are spelled out above.

Есть более сложные и более fashionable braids, for example, in the option that was discussed above, you can add a fifth strand. Everything is not as difficult as it seems, this pigtail is paddling like classic вариант косы, только следует представить, что прядь посередине будет их общей. Это очень оригинальная коса, немного времени, и у вас будет достаточный навык в плетении.

Представленные вам косы, являются самыми распространенными, хотя в действительности их великое множество. Но именно эти options weaving braids perfectly and harmoniously combine with each other and, of course, fit precisely in this hairstyle. You can also add various decorations in the form of pins, bows or ribbons and a variety of studs with small flowers and beads.
Thus, you have got an interesting, and most importantly, suitable for both a trip to the holiday, and in school, hairstyle.


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