How to make a beautiful bunch of ballerinas

How to make a beautiful bunch of ballerinas
A ballerina's beam is a simple but exquisite hairstyle. It is suitable for any woman, regardless of age, type of face and complexion. You can make this kind of hair quite quickly. This hairstyle is best done from long or medium hair. If you have a short haircut, you will have to use false strands. A ballerina can be on the back of the head or on the crown. The first option is considered classic. As for the second, his gymnasts prefer more often than dancers. For any option you will need 2 hair bands (thin and thick), a few hairpins, a hairbrush, hair spray, mesh or other decorative items. This hairstyle is considered strict, so no element of mischief should not be. For example, on the side such a bundle should not be tied.

For a ballerina or a sportswoman you need a reticulum, because she not only beautifies the hair, but also holds it together.

To make a bunch of dancers on the back of your head, comb your hair well. Comb them back and pull them back in the back. Tie better pharmacy gum. If it is not, you can take a fairly tight and thin hair band. Divide the tail into halves. Weave a tourniquet. If the hair is long and thick, it is better to make the tourniquet stiff. Rare soft hair can be slightly scratched, and make the tourniquet weak. Lay the tourniquet around the gum, hide the tail under the elastic. Fix the bundle with a few pins. Scrunch your hair with a varnish. From above you can wear a beautiful mesh.

As a decoration, you can use a comb, a beautiful hair clip and even a living flower.

Для высокого пучка волосы стяните в хвост на макушке. Дальше действуйте так же, как и при выполнении пучка на затылке. Разделите хвост пополам, сплетите жгут и уложите его вокруг резинки. Заколите пучок шпильками и украсьте прическу. Кстати, и в первом, и во втором случаях вместо жгута можно заплести обычную косу из трех прядей. Такой вариант особенно хорош, если волосы достаточно длинные и густые.

If you have short hair, you will need a few overhead strands and invisibility, as well as another chemist's gum. Hair comb up and pull on the top of the head in a ponytail. Attach the overhead strands – best of all in front and behind the tail. The second pharmacy rubber band collect them in a bundle along with the already available tail. Divide the beam into 2 or 3 parts, braid the braid or scythe. Twist the braid around the rubber band, clip it all with studs and fasten with varnish.

The owner of obedient hair can try to make another interesting version of the ballerina beam. Hair comb up, pull on top of the head in a bun. Tighten the tail on the large curlers so that the curls are directed away from the beam. Remove the curlers. Do not comb the curls, but pin them with invisible fingers to the strands lying on the head. It is necessary to prick very close to an elastic band. Such a hairstyle is attached in the same way as all other types of beams, that is, lacquer.

If you have medium-length hair, you can make a big, spectacular beam on the top without any overhead strands. This requires a very thick rubber band. It can be done, for example, from the toe или гольфа. Самая толстая резинка получается из флисового или махрового гольфа. Обрежьте ступню. Голенище закрутите вокруг резинки. Слои сшейте. Волосы стяните на макушке в пучок сначала аптечной резинкой, потом толстой. Разделите хвост на пряди. Каждую прядь расправьте и заверните поперек резинки, заправив кончик вниз. Шпильки и невидимки в данном случае не нужны, а вот скрепить прическу лаком нужно обязательно.

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