How to make a beard

How to make a beard
Проще всего купить бороду для образа деда мороза или маскарадного персонажа в театральном магазине.
Although why not make a beard with your own hands?
Это совсем несложно, главное – ваше желание.

Beard from the wig
Buy an inexpensive wig color in the store or on market and make of it beard for your character. With the help of hair curlers you can do beard curly. To keep the beard, sew an elastic band to it.

Instead of a wig, you can use an elastic band from artificial volos. Cut the elastic from the barrette and sew a piece of gum or braid to it to fix the received beard.

Also for creating beard может подойти шиньон из искусственных волос.

Beard of cotton wool
Для образа деда мороза отлично подойдет борода из ваты. Чтобы борода долго сохранялась, аккуратно приклейте или нашейте белыми thread вату на кусок ткани, предварительно сделав выкройку. По углам бороды пришейте резинку.

Beard of artificial fur
Cut out a rectangle of curly faux fur. The width should be from ear to ear, and the length to reach the level Breast.

Cut out the strip for the mouth, and then round the ends of the beard with scissors. To keep the fur beard, sew an elastic band to the upper corners of the beard.

Beard from the clothesline
Разберите бельевую веревку на отдельные нити и пришейте их к куску ткани (по форме бороды). К верхним углам бороды пришейте резинку.

Beard of cloth
To make a beard, you need to cut a rectangle from the fabric and cut it with "noodles" (not reaching 1-2 cm to the edge of the fabric). For a lush beard, make several more similar rectangles and sew them to a long piece of cloth (in the form of a beard) in the form of tiers.

Beard of Paper
It is also made of cloth. Rectangles with cuts "noodles" glued one on top of the other in the form of tiers.

To make a beard curly, strips in the form of "noodles" can be screwed on карандаш.

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