How to make a bang on long hair

How to make a bang on long hair
Well-groomed long hair is a legitimate subject of pride for their owner. Moreover, such hair is a hairstyle in itself. But sometimes, I want something new, unusual. At the same time to take some drastic measures to the housewives long hair not worth it. The best way out in this situation is to trim the bangs. A well-chosen bang can not only completely change your image, but also correct the shortcomings of the whole appearance.

You will need
  • – Sharp scissors;
  • – comb with sparse denticles;
  • – thinning scissors;
  • – Hair clips.
Consider your hair type when choosing a bang form. For hard hair suit sparse or medium density. Too thick bangs on hard hair will stick. Thick is also not suitable for curly hair, holders curls better to choose from a long rare bang on the side part. But those who have thin hair, a deaf thick bangs – what the doctor prescribed. In your case, the stylist.

When choosing a bang, take it critically to the shape of your face. Any shortcomings can be bangs hide or correct. The main thing is to honestly admit that you have these shortcomings. Owners of the round face are contraindicated long thick bangs from ear to ear. A square face can be visually drawn and softened with a long symmetrical bang. A bulging forehead and broad cheekbones do not tolerate a short bang in the neighbors – it will further emphasize this shortcoming.

В a hairdresser's мастер делает стрижку на влажных волосах. Но перед тем как взяться by hair clients, hairdresser passed sufficient training and knows how the hair will behave after drying. You do not have such skills, so shear only dry hair, so as not to face an unpleasant surprise when the hair dries and slightly lifts.

Separate strands for a future bang. Straighten from the crown to the forehead. Approximately in the middle of this selection mark the point. This will be the beginning of the bang. The closer to the crown, the bangs will be thicker. If you want a rare bang, move the selected point closer to the forehead.

From the selected point, drag the comb to the ear, first to one side, then to the other. This you separate the strands for the future bangs. Rest the rest of your hair so that they do not interfere with you.

Отобранные волосы начешите на лицо. Нельзя стричь всю челку за один раз. Отстригайте по одной маленькой пряди, выравнивая каждую последующую по предыдущей.

Отделите маленькую прядку, зажмите ее между указательным и средним пальцем и слегка натяните. Отстригайте прядь под углом 45 градусов на уровне нижнего века или чуть выше. Отделите следующую прядь и подстригите ее чуть длиннее.

Ни в коем случае не стригите пряди, прижимая их рукой ко лбу на уровне бровей. В результате вы получите очень короткую «францисканскую» челку, а она идет далеко не всем.

After you have finished cutting all the strands, profil the bangs. This will give it lightness and splendor. Handle the bangs with thinning scissors, retreating 1-3 cm from the edge.

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