How to make 90-style makeup

How to make 90-style makeup
Makeup 90-ies is characterized by a mixture of styles. This time was a turning point for Russia, which in reality changed a lot, including make-up. Not only beauty and appeal came into fashion, but sexuality and spontaneity.

You will need
  • Toned cream, blush, mascara, shadows, eyeliner, lipstick.
If you have good skin, which has practically no drawbacks, you can completely do without a foundation for creating makeup in the style of 90. Just thoroughly clean and moisturize your face. The advantage of this makeup is that it is not attached to any color of the face: pale, slightly tanned or very tanned. Certainly, obvious shortcomings disguise by a voice-frequency cream or the proof-reader. Try to impose makeup so that the face does not look like a mask.

Eye makeup start with shadows and eyeliner. However, shadows should be natural shades and be combined with the color of the eyes. Beige, flesh, milk, gray, blue – these are the main colors. Make a thin and short lay-up. It should be a traditional black color. 90's makeup does not greet too bright shadows to give expression. It is better to put light shades of shadows at the inner corner of the eye, and dark ones at the outer corner. Thus, you will give the eyes a greater depth. Be sure to use mascara. It can be any shade. And the ink must be necessarily voluminous.

To emphasize eyebrows, use a gray or brown pencil. Black is already out of use, because he is aging even a young face. To make eyebrows volume, draw them using shades of natural shades. Eyebrows will look more natural. Be sure to pull out the protruding hairs under the eyebrows, make a beautiful curved shape. However, the thickness of the eyebrows should remain broad.

Makeup in the style of 90-x necessarily involves the use of lipstick. It can be light, dark, matte or glossy, but necessarily a natural shade: brown, beige, corpulent. The shape of the lips should be emphasized with a contour pencil. They can also slightly adjust too large or too small lips. Plus, a quality pencil will prevent the spreading of lipstick. Remember that in the 90-ies of such a cosmetic as the lip gloss was not there yet. He appeared a little later.

Blush on the cheekbones so that the complexion became beautiful and healthy. Shades that can be used: peach, soft brown, pink and other pastel colors. If you give preference to light blush, you can not worry about unnecessary application. Fix makeup with a quality powder. You can apply it in a dense layer, but do not overdo it.

Please note that makeup 90-ies involves the use of all types of cosmetics, but the image should turn out to be natural. Therefore, choose muted, not bright colors.

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