How to maintain the youthfulness of the skin after 25 years

How to maintain the youthfulness of the skin after 25 years
Crossing the threshold of twenty-five years, a woman begins to think about aging. No matter how much we want to forget about this, aging is an inevitable natural process.

More and more often women come to the conclusion that the best way to keep youth is injections, but few know that they not only can not act, but also do much harm. However, these are exceptions. In most cases, injections help, but do not significantly change the skin condition, but only slightly correct.

It is much easier and safer to keep youth natural ways. You just need to follow simple rules.

The very first rule is a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. No one says that you need to sit on a strict diet and exhaust yourself with training. It is enough to eat as little as possible fried, flour and sweet, as these foods have a lot of sugar and cholesterol. It is useful to do morning exercise every day, and two or three times a week to arrange a small workout. It is forbidden to drink carbonated water, as it worsens the skin condition.

Another rule is to wash off makeup before going to bed, because it is because of the leftover cosmetics that "crow's feet" appear around the eyes. And as for the cosmetics, so on it in any case can not be saved. It is advisable to use it as little as possible, and once a week it is useful to spend the day without make-up.

What to do if there are already wrinkles, how to deal with them? There is an exit! German surgeons came up with such a wonderful thing as facebuilding. In simple terms, facebuilding is a gymnastics for the face, which allows you to smooth out wrinkles and strengthen the facial muscles.

One of the most problem areas is the forehead. There is one exercise that will help to cope with the horizontal lines on the forehead. For this you need to put index fingers over the eyebrows. Then you need to raise your eyebrows, as if surprised, and with your forefingers to resist. Repeat the exercise five times.

To combat interbrow folds, you need to shift your eyebrows, but at the same time put your fingers on the wrinkles.

In order to get rid of crow's feet, it is useful to perform the following exercises. It is necessary to raise the lower eyelid as high as possible with the eyes open, thereby smoothing the skin. Similar actions need to be done with the upper eyelid, but without movements of the eyebrows and forehead.

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