How to maintain the beauty of the skin of the face

How to maintain the beauty of the skin of the face
Well-groomed face skin is a great investment in the beauty of a woman. This article is designed to help our women to care for the skin of the face correctly and effectively so that money spent on the means of nursing, paid off with interest in a long youth and the pleasure of being beautiful.

Our skin is a full-fledged organ that plays an important role in protecting the body from external influences. But, you see, more often we think of the skin as our first and main clothes, which should present us to the world around us.

Like any organ, the skin is very sensitive to various changes, be it a change of diet, stress, or ecology. Therefore, modern urban women, unfortunately, are less likely to maintain the freshness and beauty of the skin without the intervention of various cosmetics.

Lines for skin care are represented by all representatives of large brands, their number is huge. They differ in terms of composition, price category, methods of use and effectiveness, but their common feature is that if they are used improperly, they can do more harm than good. So, what is he – the right skin care?

Skin Care by the rules

First of all, when choosing care products, try to purchase them not individually, but by a whole line. Why? Because these agents produce various chemical reactions on the surface and in the depth of your skin, and, as a rule, all the nuances of the behavior of different components of different agents are taken into account in the line. The use of cosmetic lines ultimately gives a more pronounced result.

When choosing a nursing line, be sure to look into the composition. Unfortunately, many manufacturers are completely unfair about what we will use with you. Please note that often cheap cosmetics with a "natural composition" is nothing more than a soap bubble, since many real oils and extracts are not cheap components.

Before using the newly acquired line, check all means for the absence of an allergic reaction to them from you. For this, it is enough to apply them point-wise on the back of the hand and watch the reaction of the skin for half an hour. If the reaction does not occur, use. This rule applies to both cheap and expensive cosmetics without exception.

Adhere to the rules for applying the various products indicated on the product packaging. Also, there are some basics necessary for the proper use of care lines.

The basis of face care is washing. Any care and procedure begins with him. Washing with water with washing is not considered, because such a procedure will not remove the residue of sebum secreted by our pores. As a consequence, the pores become contaminated, the access of cosmetics to the skin is incomplete.

Toning. Many women ignore "useless vodichku", preferring to use only soap and cream. This is fundamentally the wrong approach. Why? Any soap, even the best of them, violates the acid-base balance of the skin. At the very least, the applied cream will not properly interact with the layers of the skin, as a maximum – a low-quality soap will dry the skin, which in response begins with a double force to produce sebum. To neutralize the imbalance and there is a tonic. Tonic should be used after each washing, regardless of whether you will apply after it cream, or not.

Application of a cream. In daily care, the cream is a must. This stage should also be taken seriously, because an incorrectly selected cream can create a bunch of unnecessary problems. Firstly, it is not always worthwhile to focus on the category of selection of a cream by skin type. Often this is a marketing move that does not have any real differences in addition to texture. If you have oily skin – you need to regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands, if dry – moisturize. These functions are better performed by serums, I recommend that the cream be selected according to internal sensations and by weather – in the frost is more greasy, in the summer – light and unobtrusive. Day cream should, if necessary, be a quality foundation for make-up. Night cream should moisturize the skin well, but after applying it it is better to remove excess with a paper towel to avoid undesirable swelling of the face.

It is also worth remembering such care products as peeling, mask and serum. Peelings and masks are not used daily. Such procedures are desirable to be carried out twice a week.

After the washing and toning phase, use a peeling – apply a small amount of the product on the skin of the face, spread the wet fingers over the entire surface and gently massage for 3-5 minutes. After the procedure, the remnants are washed off. Cosmetologists do not recommend the use of scrubs, especially in cases of sensitive facial skin – this provokes the appearance of couperose, thinning of the upper layers of the skin and expansion of the pores. Peeling is intended for the gentle removal of keratinized skin particles and the dissolution of contaminants in the pores, so it is better to use peelings with soft fruit acids.

Face masks are also used twice a week, their application can be done after peeling – thus the updated skin reacts better to nutrients from the mask. It is better to choose a mask for the specific needs of the skin. By the way, you can use both natural and cosmetic face masks. It should be taken into account that natural masks do not penetrate deep layers of the skin, so they give a bright but short-lived effect. Cosmetologists advise such procedures to combine to obtain a stable result in care.

Serums as a means for intensive care are used in courses. Often the course looks like this: a month of daily use of the serum (applied before the application of the cream, not washed off), two months off. Such courses can be held up to three, with a half-year break. Serum is an active agent, the components of which are aimed at solving one particular problem – moisturizing, regulating the activity of the sebaceous glands, lifting (lifting the skin of the face), so be attentive to the real needs of your skin and satisfy them in time with these wonderful tools.

Following these simple recommendations, you will keep the youth and beauty of your skin for many years to come. Love yourself!

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