How to maintain the beauty of hair

How to maintain the beauty of hair
Hair can tell a lot about the health of its owner. Regardless of whether they are thin or thick from nature, healthy hair shines and does not hang with dirty "icicles" a few hours after washing. You need to start nursing from the inside. What is the general condition of the body, such are the hair. Of course, in the store or pharmacy you can buy special medical shampoos, masks and conditioners, but this is only superficial care.

The cause of ugly hair can be rapid weight loss. With the loss of kilograms, the body loses calcium, protein and other nutrients. So do not abuse diets, otherwise you are threatened by a change in the state of the hair for the worse until they fall out. And the condition of the scalp is of direct importance to the hair, so eat carrots, fish and nuts.

Wash your head with massage movements with warm water. Hot water can wash off the skin fat, which is a natural protection for the hair and gives them shine. Choose shampoos that match your hair type. It is not necessary that they are expensive. Use air conditioners that contain protein and silicone. They will help you avoid split ends, and revitalize thin and dull hair.

If you notice dandruff, then first consult with your doctor. Buy special products only in the pharmacy, because dandruff is a kind of disease of the hair and scalp and it needs to be treated.

Frequent drying with a hair dryer, curling hot tongs, dyeing hair and so on – all these are harmful factors, detrimental to the health of the hair, especially in the presence of gray hair. On the packaging with paint can be written anything, anything that only caring means it does not contain. Remember, this is chemistry and your hair will inevitably be damaged. Do not wear the same hairstyle (tail or braids) all the time – this can damage the hair follicle. Do not use hairpins and metal hairpins often, as they break hair. Also protect yourself from direct sunlight in the summer.

Do not comb immediately after washing, because wet hair is much more brittle and brittle. Do not be afraid to indulge your hair with natural homemade masks from egg yolks, honey, kefir.

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