How to maintain beauty and well-being

How to maintain beauty and well-being
Since ancient times, beauty has been of great importance in the life of a woman. Accordingly, for this purpose, all went long and hard, trying to find in any herbs and oils the very "elixir" that will help to acquire and preserve beauty for many years. However, as it turned out, it is not difficult to be beautiful if one follows the elementary rules of life.

The day begins with charging
The first and most important thing, what you need to get used to girl – this morning exercise. And no matter how difficult this process seemed, the main thing is to start. But this does not mean that immediately, from the first day, it is necessary to exhaust yourself with the hardest exercises. In no case! You should always start with something small. The first exercise can be done without getting up from the sofa, for example – stretching. Next, getting out of bed, you should make several slopes and, of course, a few squats. If you do not avoid this advice, then literally in 20 days, these exercises will become a habit, and will become as necessary "food" for the body as food.

Eat breakfast yourself
Perhaps the second rule is just as necessary and important, which, after all, should not be avoided. The fact that breakfast is necessary, it is known since ancient times. After all, in the morning our body needs dense and healthy food, and, as a rule, a portion of such breakfast eaten helps to avoid excess calories. The justification for this is the fact that food is best processed in the morning. However, one must also eat properly. Essential food for breakfast are oat flakes, cereals, dried fruits, juice and green tea.

Perhaps everyone knows that a walk is a vital physical mini-load. However, it is sad to realize that the walk has long been replaced by sit-ups over tedious social networks in a stuffy room. And yet, if there is a desire to avoid painful insomnia and, finally, to get a calm sleep and a healthy complexion, you must step over yourself and give at least 30 minutes a day for an evening walk.

Moisturizing the skin
Every girl dreams about beautiful skin, but not everyone cares about her. The most important thing you need to know about is the hydration of the skin. But it's worth remembering that morning and night creams are just part of the procedure. And even more so, if you spend all day in the office, with a bunch of dusty paper, then the dryness and tightness of the skin can not be avoided. Therefore, the most correct solution will be bottles with thermal water, which will perfectly soothe and moisturize the skin without harming makeup.

Cleansing the face from cosmetics
How expensive and quality did not it seem the same powder or the same foundation, it's best to get rid of them as soon as you came home. And, it is desirable, after washing to put on the face a night cream, and already then it is possible freely to be engaged in the affairs.

Gentle hands
As has long been known, the age of a woman can easily be determined by her hands. And indeed it is. To avoid premature aging of this part of the body, you need to work out the habit of wearing a cream with you. Moisten the skin of the hands better after each wash.

Drink plenty
To date, the phrase of dieticians has become very popular: "For a healthy body and body, you need to drink every day 2, 5 liters of water." No juices, no compotes, no sodas, namely simple filtered water.

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