How to lose weight with vinegar

How to lose weight with vinegar
Vinegar, in particular apple, can play a decisive role in losing weight. Those who want to lose weight should know what the capabilities of apple cider vinegar for weight loss and how to properly use it for this.

You will need
  • Яблочный уксус, вода, мед, пищевая пленка, антицеллюлитные косметические средства.
The greatest of their abilities slimming apple cider vinegar shows when it is eaten. In the mornings, for a regular weight loss, drink a glass of water (on an empty stomach), in which add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. To enhance the effectiveness of drinking a glass of water with vinegar should be 2-3 times a day for half an hour before another meal. In a glass with vinegar to improve the taste, you can add half a teaspoon of honey.

Add apple cider vinegar in salads, marinades for meat or vegetables. You can add it to freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices.

Use vinegar in the food in this way no longer than 2-3 months. Then make a mandatory break (at least a month). In a month, if you want to further reduce weight, taking vinegar for food can continue.

Do not use apple cider vinegar for food if you have high stomach acidity, chronic gastritis, acute gastrointestinal diseases. Reduce the number of drunk glasses of water with vinegar or the amount of vinegar in the water to a teaspoon if you feel discomfort in the stomach.

Do with apple cider vinegar wraps with food film. This procedure will help to reduce weight and eliminate cellulite on the problem areas of the body. For this, 2 st.l. apple cider vinegar, stir with 2 st.l. of natural honey. Apply the mixture on the hips, abdomen. Wrap the body with food film. On top, cover with a blanket and lie down for an hour with such a compress on the body. You can put warm pants on the film and go around the house, doing household chores. Then take a shower. Apply the body anti-cellulite cream.

For best efficiency, make vinegar wraps every other day until 10-15 times. Then you should take a break in 1-2 months. After this time, the wrapping course can be repeated.

Eliminate for a while losing weight с уксусом из своего питания слишком жирные продукты, сладкие, мучные, консервированные, острые и очень соленые. Пейте много жидкости. Выпить в течение дня нужно до полутора литра чистой питьевой воды.

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