How to lose weight with the help of hidden gymnastics

How to lose weight with the help of hidden gymnastics
This gymnastics will not take much of your time. Exercises can be done anywhere: at the desk, sitting in front of the laptop at work, while preparing dinner, reading a book to a child at home, while riding a bus and even watching a favorite TV show. You do not have to spend money and time to visit fitness centers. Everything is extremely simple, 6 minutes per hour, every working hour.

1. Razozrite palms until warmth. If you have high-heeled shoes, then it's better to take off your shoes.

2. Put your feet on the floor. We train the muscles of the lower leg, raise and lower the heels. 40 repetitions.

3. The next exercise fixes the result. The same as with the heels, only now the toe socks work. 40 repetitions.

4. We work on the gluteus muscles, squeeze and unclench the muscles of the buttocks – 40 times.

5. We train the muscles of the abdomen. We draw in the stomach on inhalation, we exhale in exhalation. Enough 15-ty repetitions.

6. We connect the muscles of the back to training. We keep our back straight, we will try to move the scapula as close as possible to the spine, the shoulders do not move at all. 40 repetitions.

7. Hands to the sides, raise to the level of the shoulders. Intensively squeeze and unclench fists. 40 repetitions. We train the muscles of the hands.

8. Turn the head left and right to 90 degrees. For 40 repetitions in each direction.

9. We continue to work with the muscles of the neck. Pull the chin forward – 40 times.

The first days of gymnastics are the most difficult, because you have to force yourself to remember every hour about these exercises. But then it will be hard for you not to do these of them, as the result will not keep you waiting! Good luck!

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