How to lose weight with honey

How to lose weight with honey
Honey is not only a very tasty and healthy product, but also an excellent way to lose weight. With its help you can without harm to health, quickly and effectively get rid of excess weight.

You will need
  • – a honey drink;
  • -Massage with honey;
  • honey wraps.
For to lose weight with the help of honey, prepare a special honey drink: dilute 1 st. l. this natural product in 1 art. boiled water, add a little lemon juice and take the mixture in the morning on an empty stomach or in the evening – for 1 an hour before the last meal. But when using this beverage for weight loss, be sure to observe several important rules: after you drink a glass of honey drink, move – so honey will quickly enter the intestines and start to remove from there slags and toxins. In the process of consuming such a drink, your daily diet should not exceed 1200 calories. This does not mean that you should adhere to a strict diet, but still limit yourself in flour, sweet, as well as in any other heavy carbohydrates.

Along with using a honey drink for weight loss, try massage with this product – velvet skin and weight reduction are guaranteed to you. In the process of honey massage, all the active components of honey go deep into the skin and promote the removal of excess fluid from the body, which, in turn, reduces the waist and hips. In addition, after the honey massage, the skin becomes more elastic and smooth, the cellulite manifestations are reduced and, of course, the body fat deposits are reduced.

In order to do massage with honey for weight loss, apply it on the palm of your hand (a small amount), and then patting the entire body. When carrying out this procedure, be sure to press hard on the hips and buttocks and always end the movement of the hand with a sharp pull. Perform honey massage for 15-20 minutes, then take a shower and apply a special nourishing cream on the body. In one session with intensive massage you will lose 1 cm in the hip area.

No less effective for weight loss will be honey wraps. To do this is very simple: treat the most problematic areas of the body with honey and wrap it in a flexible food film as tightly as you can withstand. Then cover with a warm blanket and lie under it for at least 40-50 minutes. Under the influence of heat honey will penetrate deeply into the skin and help to remove excess fluid from the body, and most importantly remove the fat deposits. After this procedure, rinse the honey and apply a nourishing cream to the skin.

If you want to lose weight with honey, then be sure to follow all the procedures every day or at least every other day, for 2 or 3 weeks. Do not forget about regular exercise and proper nutrition, then the result will not be long in coming.

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