How to lose weight with a date diet

How to lose weight with a date diet
An ancient date diet. The most popular in the East. Helps to lose weight without starving and without harm to health.

There are many different diets. It is difficult to name any specific figure that would determine their exact number, but it clearly has four signs. As practice shows, really actual types of diets literally ten percent from all available. These are the ones that somehow help to lose weight without harm to health. One of them is a date diet.

The benefits of this priceless product are legendary. The first mention was made five thousand years ago in the Qur'an. All its useful properties can be counted infinitely. As for the very date diet, it can be considered quite ancient, because according to rumors it was used by Cleopatra herself.

The essence of the diet is very simple. The duration is six days, of which four days a person consumes only dates and water. In the following days, green apples are added to the diet.

However, not everything is as simple as it may seem at first glance. Firstly, dates, although they contain a large number of vitamins and amino acids useful to the human body, are a fatty product. In order not to gain excess weight and not to harm the body, it is necessary to consume them strictly in limited quantities. The daily norm is 10-12 fruit. Secondly, do not immediately resort to this diet for those who eat dates very rarely or do not eat at all. To begin with, it is necessary to prepare the body in the following way: to consume fruits for one week for several pieces a day. Only after this, go on a diet.

Particular attention should be given to the fruits themselves. They should not be covered with oily shell and should not be too wrinkled. Requirement for taste: juiciness and saturation.

It is best to resort to a diet of people with a really overweight. To reveal excess ches, it is necessary to firstly reveal the normal, working weight of the body. This is done by comparing the current weight with respect to growth. For example, a person's height is one meter seventy centimeters. In this case, the normal weight is – 70 kilograms. All the rest is overweight. The more so-called excess, the better the result should be expected.

Although they say that several dates can be fully satisfied, it is not so easy to sit on such a diet. In extreme cases, it can be eased by adding to the diet boiled chicken or turkey. Also suitable cucumbers and various kinds of greens.

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