How to lose weight to 5 kg for 3 days

How to lose weight to 5 kg for 3 days
Sometimes it is required in a short time to quickly reduce the total weight by a certain amount of kilograms. Although you should not resort too often to extreme types of weight loss, but sometimes you can use one of the methods of losing weight, dropping for 3 days to 5 kg.

Make it mandatory every day to two liters of clean drinking water. In the morning, in a glass of water before meals, add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or a spoonful of lemon juice. In the afternoon and evening you can drink a glass of ginger tea. To do this, slice the ginger slices, fold into a cup and pour boiling water. Let it brew, strain and drink in small sips.

Eliminate all fatty foods for a period of losing weight, также соленые, сладкие, мучные, консервированные. Питайтесь дробно до пяти раз в день, но порции еды должны быть при этом маленькими – до 200 граммов, не более.

Include in the menu fat-burning foods such as red chili pepper, mustard, apple cider vinegar, apples, ginger root, baked potatoes in the skin, pineapple, citrus fruits, low-fat seafood, hercules, tomato, radish, radish. Eat lots of greens, non-starchy vegetables, fruits (except grapes and bananas).

Если готовите пищу в горячем виде – не жарьте ее, а отваривайте, запекайте в духовке или готовьте на пару.

One or two days you are on unloading food. Choose on the taste. It can be a kefir day (all day you drink only kefir 1% fat in the amount of one and a half liters and water). A buckwheat fasting day is also recommended. For him, pour buckwheat with boiling water, let it brew the night and the next day you consume without salt and oil in any amount. Unload on apples (1 kg per day), pears, watermelon, Herculean porridge on water, low-fat cottage cheese.

Be sure to do exercises, be physically active on weight loss days. You can walk a lot, run, attend a fitness center, swimming pool, yoga classes. Or just do it in Home conditions any gymnastics complexes slimming, крутите обруч на талии, прыгайте через скакалку.

Do for three days anti-cellulite wraps with food film. For them, use a mixture of honey and apple cider vinegar, or stir the dry mustard with warm water and a spoonful of honey. Put the mixture on the clean skin of the thighs and abdomen, where the fat deposits are most often concentrated, wrap the body with food film, cover with warmth a rug and lie down for forty minutes. Then take a shower. Each such procedure destroys up to 500 grams of weight.

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