How to lose weight on green tea

How to lose weight on green tea
Green tea is more than just a delicious drink: the residents of the East consider it a "cocktail" of harmony, beauty and longevity. This drink is ideal for weight loss, and the loss of extra pounds occurs without harm to health.

Diet on green tea is designed for 2-4 weeks. During this period, you can reset 3-5 kg of excess weight. Moreover, during this time you cleanse the body of toxins and toxins and other harmful substances, and strengthen immunity and improve health.

Choose a quality green tea. The color of elite green tea can vary from bright green to pistachio (color must be natural). High-grade tea can have broken leaves and cuttings, but the specific weight of garbage does not exceed 5%. Dark gray or brown leaves are a sign that the tea was not properly stored. In addition, the more moisture in the tea, the lower its quality: the moisture index of elite green tea does not exceed 3% -6%.

That grow thin on green tea, drink daily 4-6 cups of this healthy drink. During such an unloading program, eat vegetables, fruits, dairy products, eggs, as well as stew or boiled meat and fish. In a day you can add porridge from buckwheat, lentils and rice to your diet. Minimize salt intake. Also, exclude from the menu flour, fat and sweet. If you are a sweet tooth, you can treat yourself to a handful of dried fruits.

Do not drink tea with food. Drink this healing drink not earlier than 2 hours after taking protein food and after 0,5 hours after eating fruits and fresh vegetables. In addition to tea, also drink water. Remember that the total amount of daily consumed liquid should be at least 2 liters.

If you want, arrange a day off for green tea. During the day, drink 5 cups of drink, and the rest of the liquid volume is compensated with mineral still or pure water. In addition, eat a couple of handfuls of raisins, dried apricots or other dried fruits (this amount must be divided for the whole day and eat in several receptions).

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