How to lose weight on cereals

How to lose weight on cereals
A diet based on a variety of porridges is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. Representatives of the fair sex who regularly begin their day with porridge, as a rule, do not know what is cellulite and extra pounds.

The most effective diet for weight loss give a fairly fast and lasting result, without causing any harm to health. A diet on homemade cereal is considered one of these. This method of getting rid of excess weight meets all the necessary conditions for effective weight loss.

Whole-grain cereals play the role of peculiar brushes in the body, thoroughly cleaning it from toxins and toxins. This is of particular importance because it is toxins and slags that disrupt the normal metabolism, which leads to the addition of weight. This diet will not only lose weight, but also positively affect the condition of nails, hair and skin. It has no contraindications and is suitable for everyone without exception.

Diets can be based on one kind of cereal or combined, i.e. combining several different cereals. The choice depends on the characteristics of your body. It is very important to achieve the best result using real whole grains cereal.

One such technique is a diet on porridges, designed for ten days. During its observance, exclude from your diet fish, meat, seafood, bread, sugar, dairy products, potatoes, butter and chocolate. The basis of the menu consists of porridges boiled without salt and oil. You can diversify their taste with vegetables, fruits and mushrooms. Nuts, honey and vegetable oil are also allowed.

This type of diet does not limit the number of meals or certain time limits. Due to this, it is transferred quietly. In a couple of days, a feeling of lightness will appear, and after the procedure you will be able to get rid of five extra pounds.

The diet, called "Six cereals," is somewhat more complicated than the previous one, but its result will be visible after a week. It is most convenient to start it on Monday. First of all, it is necessary to make a cleansing enema.

This technique involves the daily use of fresh cereals in a certain sequence. First wheat, then millet, oats, rice, barley, and finally, on the sixth day – pearl barley.

Cooking porridge should also be special. A glass of cereals in the evening is poured three cups of boiling water, everything is boiled and cooked for five minutes. Then the pan is removed from the plate and wrapped with a towel, it will be ready by morning. In the morning on an empty stomach, drink a glass of warm water, and after half an hour, have breakfast.

This diet allows the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, juices, kefir, tea and coffee. The most important thing is to observe the consistency of eating cereals. On the seventh day, it is necessary to mix all the cereals in equal proportions and boil.

There is little need, but often. To suffer hunger should not be, as soon as hungry – eat a few spoons of porridge. You can repeat this diet twice a year, but not more than once a month. It is easy to transfer, the result is excellent.

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