How to lose weight on a diet Rihanna

How to lose weight on a diet Rihanna
Singer Rihanna in recent years has become fantastically popular. It is not surprising: having unique vocal data, which few people will remain indifferent, the girl has a rare beauty and sexuality. The very star of R'n'B style admits that it is not perfect. Given that Rihanna's figure is generally good, her hips and legs remain too full. According to the singer's own admission, she is too fond of sweet, especially chocolate ice cream. To maintain a good figure, Rihanna is forced to constantly limit herself, to sit on a diet that was developed by dietitians specifically for her. What is Rianna's diet? I think that it would be interesting for many to find out.
Диета Рианны по сути не является жёсткой. Скорее, это продуманная система питания. Основной принцип этой диеты – низкое содержание углеводов в рационе при достаточном количестве белковой пищи.

Sample menu of the singer for the day: an egg-shaped omelette with pineapple pieces for breakfast, fish with vegetables for lunch and a fish dish for dinner. In addition, two times a day, it is recommended to eat raw or stewed vegetables. In general, five-time fractional nutrition is obtained.
A fractional five-time diet allows you to maintain a high level of energy during the day and not feel weak and hungry.

Рыбные блюда занимают почётное первое место в рационе знаменитости. И это правильно: рыба является богатым источником белка и нужных организму микроэлементов. При этом она имеет низкую калорийность.

Nutritionists recommend the singer to observe breaks between meals not more than 3-4 hours in order to maintain the metabolic rate at a high level.

Between the techniques you need to drink water. You can add lemon or orange juice to the water.

Употребление хлебобулочных и макаронных необходимо свести к минимуму.

Completely abandon the sweet Rihanna can not – she feels weak without a small amount of sweets. Therefore, a small amount of high-carbohydrate sweet food nutritionists left in her diet.
The use of sweets and other goodies is recommended to be limited to a minimum, but do not give up your favorite treats at all.

Observance of these simple rules helps the popular singer to remain in perfect physical shape. These rules of nutrition are universal and perfectly suited to improve the health and appearance of any person.

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