How to lose weight nursing mom

How to lose weight nursing mom
As a rule, during pregnancy a woman gaining excess weight. To sit on a rigid diet or start serious physical exertion immediately after childbirth is not desirable, especially if you are breastfeeding. However, to regain harmony and lightness of the body with sparing methods, even a nursing mother can do it.

Maintain lactation at the proper level. Try to regularly put the baby to the breast: this is the key to the correct production of milk. Lactation provides a restoration of the hormonal background, helps reduce the uterus, so your body will come much faster into shape. Breastfeeding in itself contributes to weight loss, as the body consumes about 500-700 Kcal per day for milk production (an expense comparable to that provided by a full training in the gym).

Отрегулируйте меню. В этот период вы должны питаться не только максимально здорово, но и исключить продукты, которые могут спровоцировать аллергию, диатез и расстройства стула у малыша. Откажитесь от сладостей, цветных овощей и фруктов, выпечки, копченостей, специй. Ешьте каши, постное мясо, тушеные овощи, кисломолочные продукты. Пейте больше чистой воды. Объем жидкости, потребляемой кормящей мамой, должен быть не менее 2,5 литров.

In the first weeks, such a diet may seem meager, but gradually you will begin to introduce new products into the menu. However, their list should only include the most useful: рыбу, орехи, ягоды, фрукты. Эти продукты следует вводить в рацион по одному и употреблять в небольшом количестве, следя за реакцией организма вашего малыша. В результате вы не только застрахуете ребенка от ряда проблем, но и постепенно снизите свой вес.

Choose the optimal type of exercise for yourself. Of course, in the first weeks after childbirth contraindicated power, interval training and other types of work with increased stress. Begin with breathing techniques that will help restore internal organs. Then, if there are no contraindications, perform several asanas of yoga for young Mom. This will take very little time, and you will feel the effect very soon.

In 2-3 months after childbirth if you feel well, you can start training. If you do not have access to a fitness club, do it at home. Choose a convenient set of exercises, programs designed specifically for young mothers. In addition, you can work with the baby: you can find a series of exercises in the form of games that you like to kid and help restore your figure.

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