How to lose weight in a month without calculating calories

How to lose weight in a month without calculating calories
Having the desire to get rid of excess weight, perhaps, do this and not resorting to the help of specialists (nutritionists, trainers), you just need to adhere to some rules.

The most important thing in the process is not to hurt your health, so do not just limit yourself to eating or take various pills.

In order to lose weight in a month, without calculating the calories, it is enough to revise your diet and change some eating habits. For example:

  • It is worth giving up bread or at least replacing white bread, black or grain.
  • Instead of the usual cookies, there are better biscuits.
  • Tea and coffee are delicious and without sugar, you just need to get used to their natural taste.
  • Fried and fatty foods are minimized, but it is better not to eat at all,
  • Preferably cooking products for steaming or baking, this does not increase their caloric value.
  • Kashi, nuts and other sources of carbohydrates are desirable to use in the morning, and in the afternoon, give preference to protein (fish, meat, cottage cheese).

Lose weight in a month, it will not work without any physical activity. The exercises listed below will suit even people without minimum sports training:

  • sit-ups
  • body turns to the sides
  • slopes in different directions
  • pelvic rotation
  • swinging the press and lifting the legs in a prone position
  • walking on the spot
  • exercises with a bar

The number of repetitions should be increased gradually, so that the muscles are accustomed to the load.

In the process of losing weight, the body first loses excess fluid. 2-5 kilograms that go into the first week are not surpluses of fat, but water. Fat reserves disappear only from the second week. How much will be lost depends on the individual characteristics. Value has a hormonal background, activity, is there a predisposition to fullness, health.

And a few more tips that do not have a direct relationship to weight loss, but are very helpful in the difficult struggle for a slender mill:

  • Look for like-minded people with whom you can share your successes or get support in difficult moments. If you can not find them in your environment, then on the Internet enough groups and forums losing weight.
  • Visualize your desire. It can be a photo of the figure of your dream or resort, which you are going to go on vacation. You can also buy a dress of the desired size. Seeing firsthand the reward for your diligence, it is easier to force yourself to work on your weight.
  • Avoid sharing meals with people who are not on a diet. You need not test your will power without need.
  • Reward yourself for small results. Of course, not something delicious, but that brings pleasure (cosmetics, clothes).

Lose weight in a month is quite possible. It is only really want to do this and show self-discipline.

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