How to lose weight in a dream? The easiest way to lose weight

How to lose weight in a dream? The easiest way to lose weight
Why do people lose weight in a dream and how does it happen? And do not be surprised by a somewhat unconventional approach to solving this problem. Discovered by dietitians, the method was tested by the world-famous actress Sophia Loren.

Sophie still retains her youth and beauty, although, of course, she does not do without auxiliary tools, certain physical exercises and massages. However, as elsewhere, patience and perseverance are required here in difficult situations.

Nature is provided so that throughout the night we easily lose weight. After all, during the day our body needs strengths to cope with everyday stress. At night, the cells are rejuvenated and restored with the help of a substance that burns excess fat in the body. Our pituitary gland stores the secret of a slender body. Its size is no more than a cherry stone, and it produces eight hormones. If this gland is squeezed with a large and index finger, only water and growth hormone will separate from it. This is another proof of the importance of this hormone in nature.

The remaining seven hormones are synthesized only in very small concentrations. After 70 minutes after the onset of sleep, the pituitary gland moves on to violent activity. The production of the awakening day hormone stops, and the concentration of growth hormone in the blood increases almost in 40 times! Growth hormone molecules have tiny gold clasps. They pass through a labyrinth about 100 000 km of blood vessels and reach all fat cells. They open them and release triglycerides, fat molecules. That they could be burned in the cells of the body and converted into energy.

Exceptionally, such hormones as growth hormone, can open fat cells, which at the rest of the time are tightly locked. Lose weight in sleep and lose excess fat – it's a dream. But this is not available to everyone. With age, the body produces fewer growth hormones. So it's so hard to stay slim. Scientists have examined the human pituitary gland and found that people with overweight often do not produce growth hormone at all, even at the age of 45-50 years. They also established why the body of some people synthesizes this rejuvenating and shaping hormone in only small amounts or does not synthesize at all.

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