How to lose weight if you do not eat bread

How to lose weight if you do not eat bread
The mere mention of what will have to go on a diet is represented as a rejection of all delicacies and sweets. There are different approaches to diets. The ban on certain products also found its place among those who want to lose weight. Including there is a diet that completely excludes bread from the diet.

Садясь на такую диету, помните, что вам придется отказаться не только от хлеба, но и от всех мучных изделий – булочек, бисквитов и, тем более, печенья. Любая диета начинается с составления меню. Не стоит сразу же испытывать свой организм вегетарианскими салатами и водой. Цель диеты состоит в том, чтобы на время отказаться от употребления только мучных изделий, в особенности, хлеба.

At the initial stage of the diet, learn to overcome your craving for easily digestible carbohydrates, which contain a large amount of bread. That's why it's so delicious and hearty. In doing so, try to avoid too dense breakfast. Then, during the day, it will be difficult to get rid of the heaviness in the abdomen. First of all, you need to fill a lack of carbohydrates. For this purpose, fruit or light yogurt is suitable. The best solution is to combine everything together to make a fruit salad. In the morning, it is also permissible to drink a cup of sweet tea or coffee.

At lunch try to eat deliciously and hearty, so as not to run after snacks after an hour. Boil the chicken or beef, cook potatoes. By the way, pasta – this is also a flour product, so do not try to replace them with a piece of bread. For garnish, you can safely use any cereal. Since the diet prohibits only bread, you can add a couple of cutlets or fish to your menu. Tea, with or without sugar, if you wish, can be drunk with something sweet. For example, marmalade or pastille.

Prepare a light supper. Remember that giving up bread does not give you the right to recoup on other products. Do not eat late at night foods that are difficult to digest. These include fungi in any form, meat and fish, products containing a large amount of iron – garnet, seafood. At the end of the day, lighten the stomach with a light hot soup or mashed potatoes. Make a salad of vegetables. Do not forget that you can eat all dairy products.

Do not think that the diet is limited to three meals a day. Between meals you can make small snacks in the form of yogurt, cottage cheese, fruit or a glass of juice. Even a salad of vegetables will not hurt. During the whole day you can safely drink yogurt and mineral water. Stock up on dried fruits in case you want something sweet. You can also eat nuts, but not too late.

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