How to lose weight for a wedding

How to lose weight for a wedding
The wedding is a significant event, where you want to look at all 100, but not kilograms, but percent. As a rule, after applying for the preparation for the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds have two months. This is enough to lose weight.

You will need
  • – dietary products;
  • – course of cosmetic wrapping;
  • – physical exercises.
Two months before the wedding – this is not the time when you can experiment using extreme diets and doing debilitating sports. With a rational approach to the process losing weight you can easily throw off 5-7 extra pounds and effortlessly look at the ceremony stunningly.

In the diet include buckwheat, unpolished rice, any vegetables in boiled, baked or fresh form, meat of low-fat varieties, bread with bran, kefir, cottage cheese, green tea, eggs. Completely refuse sweets, muffins, cakes, cakes, sausages, canned and pickled products, fast food, fast food, snacks, alcoholic beverages, strong coffee.

Eat small meals in small portions. Never skip breakfast. Maximize the number of calories consumed at dinner. For 4 hours before bed, completely refuse to eat.

Increase physical activity. Pre-wedding efforts are a very difficult time when you have to spend a lot of time on legs, settling all organizational moments of the wedding ceremony. If you additionally 30 minutes per day will do an easy charging, this will significantly increase your chances of weight loss.

Do not be tempted and gorged with all your heart on hen-parties, bachelor parties. One plentiful feast will bring to nothing all your many weeks of effort, you will receive a tangible increase in weight. To somehow support the company, drink mineral water without gas, eat some fruit.

Visit the beauty salon and go through several anti-cellulite wrapping procedures. As active ingredients for wraps use seaweed or bitter chocolate. For one procedure, the volumes are reduced by 0,5-1. See several visits to the salon will help you completely get rid of cellulite and substantially grow thin.

Complex activities will help to reduce weight and look at the wedding ceremony the way you dreamed.

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