How to lose weight fast? Very simple!

How to lose weight fast? Very simple!
Every girl dreams of having a beautiful slender figure. The problem of losing weight girls are often asked before the summer, because I really want to wear open things and look stunning in them!

It turns out that it is very easy to bring your forms more or less in order and get worse before the beach season. Only one diet can not get rid of, you need to apply the maximum amount of effort to physical exertion. It's not so difficult, the main thing is to make yourself believe in yourself, and it will be easier after that, watching your parameters every day and getting on the scales, going to your goal for ideal body, you will see how your figure is transformed.

To begin with, you need to tune into a new way of life. Weigh the pros and cons". Do you need it, this beautiful and slender body? Or are you comfortable in your own way? Answer yourself honestly to this question.

If you are still determined to bring yourself in order, then first of all you need to think about your nutrition. I would not stick to a strict diet. But try to eat everything only the most useful is worth it. This does not only affect the condition of your body, but also the condition of the skin and the body as a whole.

On the day you should eat at least 5 times, but portions of each meal should be small, as if you snack. Then your body will work like clockwork. The most important products that should be present in your diet, write on a piece of paper and attach to the refrigerator! This is meat of chicken and beef, egg, milk, cottage cheese, rice, buckwheat, fruit (whatever you wish), vegetables (preferably fresh).

Now let's talk about physical exercises. The most effective physical exercises for losing weight are cardio-operations. That is, running. It is not necessary to run a lot, enough 5 minutes a day at an average pace. Running is one of the fastest ways to lose excess kilograms, and the legs will become more fit.

Still I would advise times 3 a week to conduct training. Here the main thing is not to miss, to give time to every part of the body, not to be lazy. Buy yourself a little dumbbells and do various exercises for beautiful hands, at least according to the 3 approach, once per 10. On the Internet there are so many different video, which shows how to correctly understand dumbbells. From them your hands will not become huge, you will work with small scales, 2 kg will be enough. Next, you need to take care of the beautiful shape of the buttocks, perform the usual sit-ups, in the 3 approach 15 times. And swing the press, 3 approach on 20 times.

Still I would advise to get a massage hoop. It is good because it is heavy, and the massage rubber "pimples" perfectly tighten the skin, wind the waist, 15 minutes per day will be enough.

That's all. In order to prepare for the beach season, you need not so much, right?

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