How to lose weight by the summer for 6 weeks

How to lose weight by the summer for 6 weeks
Soon, summer vacation, perhaps by the sea. And wrinkles on the waist and extra centimeters on the hips begin to depress women more and more. How to lose weight for a vacation – it is on this issue that all women's thoughts are often concentrated one to two months before the summer holiday.

Evaluate your abilities

It is not difficult to become attractive, fit and more slender with the beach season. The main thing is to set a task for yourself and soberly assess your opportunities and chances. If you have extra 5-10 kilograms, then you should not worry. At sea you will go in its best form. But if you are wondering: how grow thin by the summer for 5 weeks on 20 with an extra kilogram, then you should take care of this for 5-6 months before the upcoming holiday. Otherwise, you can damage your body. Because physicians argue that without harm to health a person can lose about a month approximately 5 kg.

A simple way to lose weight by the summer for 6 weeks on 5-8 kg

Power – without hard diets. You just need to adjust your diet a little. Eat a fraction of 4-6 once a day in small portions. Be sure to have a full breakfast. This will launch your metabolism. All sweet, high-calorie, fat – eat up to 12.00 and in small quantities. After dinner, it is undesirable to drink sweet tea, eat bread and any bakery products, potatoes, pasta, smoked products and other high-calorie foods. From mayonnaise and soda should be discarded altogether. Try to have your table consisted of ? of vegetables and fruits, and ? of the protein of meat and fish, dairy products. Make sure that the last meal is not later than 19.00. In addition, drink more pure still water to 2-liters per day. The entire daily amount of calories consumed should not exceed 1500-1800 cal.

Exercise is mandatory. Do not exhaust yourself in the gym or drive on a treadmill. It's enough to perform regular exercises every 15-20 minutes every day. In addition, move more – go to work on foot, climb to your floor on the stairs, and not on the elevator, play with children in outdoor games.

Bath and other similar procedures (wraps, cedar barrel, etc.) – at will and well-being. Russian steam room or sauna will help you cleanse the body of toxins and excess fluid, will rejuvenate your body and increase the overall tone of the body. Therefore, once a week, if health allows, be sure to visit the sauna.

A real stimulus is important! Buy before you start losing weight stunning beauty and price of a summer dress at 2 size smaller than yours at the moment. And you will certainly lose weight – after all, go on vacation and leave a dress of the house in the closet you just can not.

These simple recommendations will help you quickly and easily lose weight by the summer for 6 weeks and look at the resort attractive and feminine.

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