How to lose weight: a Hollywood diet to help

How to lose weight: a Hollywood diet to help
Hollywood diet – a diet that has established itself from a positive side among famous actors and actresses. Why do not we try to lose weight with it.

Lose weight, this does not mean that you will have to starve, excruciating your body. There are many kinds of so-called sparing diets. One of them is the Hollywood diet.

It got its name because, according to rumors, many Hollywood stars sat on it. For many decades, many famous actors and actors resorted to the Hollywood diet. Most of them were satisfied.

The duration of the Hollywood diet is fourteen days. But that does not mean that you need to sit on it for two whole weeks. You can try to stick to this diet and one week. Perhaps during this time will be, the necessary result is achieved.

Hollywood diet is quite simple. It is necessary to eat only protein foods. The most suitable products: steamed fish, boiled meat, boiled eggs. Fruits, only citrus fruits. Vegetables: cucumbers and tomatoes.

We'll have to part with fried dishes, sweets and all kinds of pastries for a while.

It is necessary to drink water, green tea, black tea without sugar. With coffee and soda, too, have to say goodbye.

However, even using these products can recover, if you do not control the amount of food consumed. It should not exceed 3000 kilocalories per day.

If for the first five days of the diet there is no result, then most likely such a diet does not suit a person.

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