How to look without makeup beautiful

How to look without makeup beautiful
In 17 years it's easy to look stunning without make-up, but after that you need to make some efforts to emphasize your natural beauty without resorting to decorative cosmetics.

Caring for your skin, it is your main trump card in the absence of decorative cosmetics. Daily procedures should be carried out twice a day in the morning and in the evening and include cleaning and moisturizing the epidermis, and in winter time also food. Choose the remedy based on the type of your skin, so as not to overdry it and avoid greasy shine. At least once a week, make masks for the face, neck and decollete zone, do not forget to get rid of black spots, it is better to do it in the salon or with the help of special strips.

Get enough sleep. During sleep, rest not only your body, but also the skin. If the next morning you have circles under the eyes, use modern developments of cosmetic companies, for example, gels with applicators in the form of a roller with a metal ball. Due to a cold touch, the gel makes it possible to remove swelling. If such a tool is not at hand, place 2 in a refrigerator for five minutes, put them on your eyes and leave for a while.

Use tonics that improve the complexion. They contain light-reflecting microparticles, this allows you to hide small defects and strengthen the radiance of the skin.

Try not to drink at night, so that the next morning's eyes are not swollen. If this can not be avoided, drink an easy diuretic, coffee or infusion of bearberry helps, the latter should be taken with caution to those who have urinary system problems.

Чтобы создать легкий румянец, немного пощипайте себя за щеки, к ним прильет кровь, и бледное лицо оживет.

Curl eyelashes with special tweezers or just attach your fingers to them, so that they swell and rise up. Give shape to the eyebrows, if they are hairs directed in different directions.

Use shampoos and balms that enhance the natural shine of your hair. Do not be lazy and do the styling.

Smile and radiate positive emotions.

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