How to look stunning

How to look stunning
Wandering through the glossy magazines, you involuntarily begin to envy the girl from the cover, the heroines of the headings, models that advertise dresses of insane cut. They are such beautiful, slender, seductive coquits that you can feel like a gray mouse against their background. You look at yourself and slowly get upset – and the hair does not shine, and the waist is not aspen, and on 13 centimeter heels hurt. But you can fix everything and look stunning, try it.

You will need
  • Patience and willpower. All kinds of caring and decorative cosmetics. Subscription to the gym or home fitness equipment (mat, dumbbells, skipping ropes, ball for fitbola). Black dress, studs and self-confidence.
Итак, объем работы у вас огромнейший, с головы до heels, so include fun music and get down to business.
Face. Since 25 years, cosmetologists strongly recommend to use not just cleansing tonics and lotions, but also creams with preventive action. The market offers a large selection of funds from the first wrinkles, do not neglect it and stock up a couple of jars. Find suitable for your skin type and use at night, after cleansing and moisturizing. You can use scrubs and peelings 1-2 once a week, as well as face masks. The condition of the skin is affected by proper nutrition and a healthy sleep. Of course, the signs of fatigue under the eyes can be hidden under a foundation, but the skin will not glow with health, remember this.

Makeup. The choice of makeup depends on the time of day and the place you are going to visit. If you go to the club, wanting to be bright and fussy, the usual повседневный макияж – you are not a friend. Do not make mistakes when experimenting with the image right before you go out into the world, it is better to prepare this preparation in advance and find out what is right for you and what to be afraid of. The basic rules of make-up are the tone, color scheme and the amount of makeup itself. The emphasis is placed either on the eyes or on the lips.

Hairstyle. The phrase: "Oh, there was no time, I did not even have time to wash my head." From now on, it simply does not exist, the hair should be washed through 2-3 days using balms, masks, and serums. For shine of hair there are special means, vinegars, and it is possible to resort to folk remedies. As for the hairstyle itself, it all depends on your haircuts. Use your advantages if you have a lot of long thick hair, do not hide them in tufts and pigtails, if the hair is thin and short, create bold piles.

Body. In a healthy body healthy mind. Do you dream of being slim and fit while sitting on the couch? Miracles do not happen, you need to work on yourself. You can attend the gym twice a week or perform daily thirty-minute charging at home. As an alternative, get used to morning jogs, skipping ropes and hoops. Tanned skin looks appetizing, pamper yourself solarium or autosunburn as needed. For the skin, use firming, firming cosmetics, perform a simple massage.

Manicure and pedicure. Look after your handles and legs, French manicure or short-cropped marigold colored boiled cherry will add completeness to your image.

Style. Look stunning in a sports suit can only girl, уверенная в себе на 100%, а похвастать этим может не каждый. Поэтому эталоном остается маленькое черное платье, скучающее в вашем шкафу. Девушки женственны, прекрасны, недаром модельеры сезон за сезоном создают коллекции из летящих тканей, легких головокружительных фасонов. Забудьте на время о джинсах и футболках.

It's time to fascinate the strong sex. Stand on your heels and look at the reflection in the mirror. The hairpin builds a silhouette, a couple of extra pounds disappear, and the gait becomes more elegant. If you insist that heels are uncomfortable, you just have not found comfortable shoes for your feet.

Finally, the ability to submit yourself is your trump card. Optimism, sincere smile, sonorous laughter, sensitivity and responsiveness will force Men Do not just turn your head in your direction, but take the place of a prince in your heart. It's amazingly simple to look – if you know exactly what you want to achieve, plus a persistent daily work on yourself, your body and your thoughts, and you will succeed.

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