How to look smart without makeup

How to look smart without makeup
Look chic 24 hours a day – every woman's dream. And this can be achieved if you try hard.

  • Красивая кожа лица

Красивая кожа является залогом привлекательного внешнего вида, так что ваша задача – добиться идеальной кожи лица. Часто за макияжем мы прячем недостатки: расширенные поры, угри, морщины. Чтобы избавиться от них, нормализуйте питание. Исключите из своего рациона вредные продукты, алкоголь. Откажитесь от вредных привычек. Также важно выпивать 2 л воды в день. Проконсультируйтесь с косметологом, он поможет вам подобрать уход, соответствующий вашему типу кожи. Также пару раз в неделю балуйте личико увлажняющими и восстанавливающими масками, а по утрам делайте зарядку для лица. И обязательно высыпайтесь.

  • Proper cleansing of the face

There is an opinion that frequent washing dries the skin. In part this is so, with the exception of one correction: wrong washings dry the skin, and not just frequent. Start to wash in a scientific way. First, wash your hands so that germs do not spread to the skin of your face. Pick up the temperature of the water, it should be at room temperature. Then, cleanse the skin with a mild cleanser, which is suitable for your type of face. Then use a tonic. And only at the end use the cream. Perform the actions in this sequence.

  • Expressive eyebrows

Eyebrows are the main characteristic feature on the face. In time, adjust and tint your eyebrows if they are too light from nature. Choose the shape according to your face type: all forms of eyebrows go to the oval face, a shape with a high kink and a short tip, a straight eyebrow for the elongated face, a straight frown for the elongated face, slightly raised and evenly curved eyebrows, for the square face – long high arched eyebrows broad.

  • Healthy sleep

Traces of a sleepless night, whatever one may say, will reflect on the face with a dent and a dull complexion. Sleep at least 7 hours per day. Otherwise, use frozen ice cubes with chamomile infusion or sage. Wipe your face with ice, this will remove some of the signs of lack of sleep.

  • Lip Care

Lips are one of the sexiest parts of a female body. Carefully ensure that they remain soft and well-groomed. Moisturize and scrub your lips with special means. Do not use the same means for your lips as for your face! The skin on the lips is much thinner than on the face, and you can injure it.

  • Eyes and eyelashes

Look after your eyelashes and eyes. If you work a lot at a computer, be sure to do gymnastics for the eyes and use moisturizing drops. Also take care of eyelashes. Buy a special remedy for them in the pharmacy and use every evening before going to bed. This will help the eyelashes become thicker, and also recover after frequent use of mascara.

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