How to look slimmer

How to look slimmer
With any weight you can be beautiful, feel comfortable and confident. Each figure has both its drawbacks and virtues. The emphasis should be on the latter, and then your silhouette will be slim.

Give up baggy and bulky clothes. Such things, bought a couple of sizes larger than yours, do not hide the problem areas, but only make your figure even more cumbersome and shapeless. Do not hide under clothes! The same goes for smaller orders.

Do not buy new clothes, based on the fact that they saw them on someone, and you liked how they sit. After all, the body of another person is at least something, but different from yours. If you really like something so much, ask her to measure and only then go to the store for the same. And do not forget to ask the opinion of those who can look at you from the side.

Watch your posture. Even in the most beautiful outfit, but with a stooped back, you can not look dignified. Proper breathing and good posture are the most effective ways that help to look and feel fine no matter what size of clothes you wear.

Do not tuck your blouse into a skirt. Such a division of the figure will clearly not be in your favor.

Be careful with tight clothes. In such things, a person often looks more complete than there is in reality. On the contrary, these outfits emphasize our shortcomings. Therefore, choose clothing that clearly defines the outline of the figure, and does not repeat its smallest details.

Помните о пропорциях. Размеры рисунка на вещах должен соответствовать вашему «масштабу». Таким образом, вы сможете выглядеть пропорционально.

Особое внимание уделяйте аксессуарам. От недостатков фигуры отвлекут внимание яркая обувь, шарф или сумочка.

Use the means for figure correction – pulling seamless underwear, tights. Choose tights with a high waist and strengthening line in the abdomen and thighs.

Shoes will help you look slimmer. Visually correct your figure with shoes on a firm, high, but not thin heel. If you are overweight, then you better refuse the ballet.

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