How to look luxurious

How to look luxurious
To look luxurious is not only to have shining skin, well-groomed hair and nails and to wear exquisite clothing. Luxury – this is when, plus all of the above, a sincere smile plays on the face, eyes shine, in a word – there is a feeling of happiness. In order to achieve this result, you have to work hard.

Sleep at low temperature. Even if your sleep is short, the temperature of 18-19 degrees will help you look fresh and cheerful in the morning. In the warm season, sleep only with an open window.
How to look luxurious

Употребляйте на ужин легкую пищу. Ночью организм должен отдыхать, если же он будет трудиться над перевариванием пищи – картина утром будет печальная.
How to look luxurious

Take care of the skin of the face. Use creams and serums not from time to time, but constantly. Light cream is applied in the daytime, at night – nourishing. Consult a professional cosmetologist for skin care.

If you have a tired look, and under the eyes circles, then you should help the body. Express method – apply hailer над верхней губой, под брови и на верхнюю границу скуловой области, а консилер – на крылья носа и под глаза, а также на все покраснения. Фундаментальный метод – сходите к массажисту на расслабляющий массаж, примите ванну с лавандой или мятой, поспите 2-3 часа.

Go to the beautician to cleanse the face skin at least 4 once a year. You can use hardware methods, if there are no contraindications.

How to look luxurious

Carefully choose makeup for both the occasion and the occasion. At a business meeting, do a restrained make up, the daytime should be easy, not overloaded with elements. A win-win version of evening make-up – smoky eyes, in which key to make it, you will be prompted by professional make-up artists.

Before going to bed, carefully remove makeup. Apply on cleansed skin nourishing cream or night serum.

How to look luxurious

Look after your hair. Wash your head every day, adding a drop of any medical shampoo. It is desirable that it had herbs in the region where you live.

Always make easy laying, using mousses and fluids, such a hairstyle will make you younger. A luxurious styling of curls is best done with the help of sparing thermobigi. So you will not re-burn trunk hair. In general, be careful with thermal hair devices. After washing, discard the hair dryer – use an absorbent towel.

How to look luxurious

Cleaning the teeth in the morning and in the evening is a mandatory procedure, there can be no excuses. Twice a year, do professional tooth cleaning. The guarantee of an attractive smile is healthy teeth. Minimize the consumption of coffee and red wine, or use paste with whitening effect or special rinse after use.
How to look luxurious

Caring for the body is no less important than for the face. Attend those gyms where you will be allowed to try out different simulators during the sessions, and attend various classes during the subscription season. Only in this way you will be able to choose an instructor to your liking and determine which classes are most important for you.

Do not forget about the hardware methods of figure correction. So, it is better to prevent cellulite than to fight it, and to help the skin to "dump" old cells is generally a sacred matter.

How to look luxurious

Choose clothes in which you will be comfortable. When a suit, dress or tunic feels like a "second skin" – the movements will be more smooth and precise.

The same goes for shoes. An unsuccessfully matched pair can spoil the whole impression of the toilet. Wear the shoes in which it will be convenient to move around and which will complement the outfit, rather than dissonant with it. It is better to make a choice in favor of natural materials, in this case the spent means will pay off with interest.

How to look luxurious

Be engaged only in that business which you like. Even the forced routine in this situation will not seem exhausting. The one who spends a lot of time at work, but at the same time loves something, чем занимается – выглядит не усталым, а воодушевленным. Если у человека есть дело его жизни, он будет выглядеть роскошно и респектабельно.
How to look luxurious

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