How to look like a model in 2017 year

How to look like a model in 2017 year
On the models people have different opinions. Someone likes to look at them, someone thinks their beauty is pampering and brute force, and someone dreams of looking like a supermodel. It is very important to remember that this kind of appearance is not easy for these girls, because for their sake they are going to various sacrifices.

You will need
  • – cosmetic means for skin care of face, neck and body;
  • – spa treatments;
  • – beautiful and comfortable clothes.
The main advantage of the model is its spectacular appearance. The first thing that strikes people in the face is the face. If you want to have a model appearance, you have to tidy your skin. Start with peeling. This procedure should be done at least two times a week. As for the daily care of the skin of the neck and face, it must be divided into three stages. The first stage is cleaning with tonic, gel or foam. The second stage – moisturizing with tonic, and the third – with cream. Some models say that they like to use coconut or argan oil. These oils perfectly nourish the skin and make it soft.

Girls-models have certain shape options. These parameters are an increase from 170 centimeters and a thigh size not exceeding 90 centimeters. If your figure is close to these parameters, try to keep yourself in shape. To do this, watch your weight, go in for sports, visit the massage room to avoid the appearance of cellulite, stick to a specific food program. Many models have their own diets and ways losing weight, they are often written about in various glossy magazines.

Looking at the model, you might think that their life is a continuous bright holiday, because on the screen they always look happy, rested and beautiful. But actually it is not. It's all about the image. A life girls-Model is painted by the minute, every day make-up artists put on her face a lot of cosmetic products, stylists wear designer clothes. In everyday life, models usually prefer to wear simple things in the casual style.

In the modeling world, a certain set of rules has long been developed. These recommendations can easily be applied in everyday life. If you dream of becoming a model, remember that you need to behave as follows:

– approach any work with ease and positive;
– чтобы расположить к себе окружающих, вы должны улыбаться;
– any failures, just like success, try to perceive modestly and calmly;
– залогом успеха всегда является пунктуальность и точность;
– если вы собираетесь пойти туда, где вас будут окружать другие люди, вы должны выглядеть красиво и опрятно;
– When talking with someone, always try to listen carefully to your interlocutor, do not be afraid to ask him clarifying questions, if something you do not understand;
– do self-education and constantly improve your skill level.

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