How to look happy in 2018

How to look happy in 2018
Russia is a country where little is smiling. It is not customary to show your good mood in public. And very vain. A positive attitude to the environment helps to live. People are drawn to those who look happy.

Happiness is a special state of mind. And it is reflected primarily in the eyes. They shine, they are blessed with joy. This view causes thoughts about good things. Therefore, even if there are no special reasons for happiness, remember the most joyful moments of life – meetings with friends, travel, the birth of a child, promotion … For everyone it is something of its own. And you immediately notice how the mood will change. Wrinkles on the forehead will be smoothed out, a half-smile appears, the look will become open, bright, happy.

Happy people dress bright. Even if it's a boring office suit, those who have a soul singing will decorate it with bright accessories – a handkerchief or a brooch. And if you do not have to go to work, a person who is happy at heart will prefer clothing made of thin lightweight fabrics that does not restrain movement and does not interfere with enjoying a wonderful psychological state.

People who are happy, look somewhat careless. Of course, they have clean clothes and a washed face, but there is always a small cute flaw such as a pry-strand pulled out from the hairdo, an unfastened shirt on the shirt, too much rolled up sleeves. This carelessness, as it were, says that the main thing for a person now is a happy state of mind, not an outward appearance.

Happy people are somewhat scattered and do not seem to notice the minor troubles surrounding them. They do not get involved in squabbles, so as not to lose their joyful state. They are full of positive and infect others. They are trying to cheer those who are sad and support those who are in need. When you are happy, you love the whole world and try to help everyone.

Не каждый день случаются радостные, улучшающие настроение, моменты. Но если психологически настроиться на счастье – оно обязательно придет. Не прячьте его, делитесь с другими, и тогда каждый день будет приносить только положительные эмоции.

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