How to look great after a night party

How to look great after a night party
Are you going to spend the night in the club, but next morning you have to go to work in the office? Then you have to take care of your appearance beforehand so that the traces of a sleepless night are not noticeable.

At a party, drink less fluid to minimize the risk of morning swelling. If you lean on alcohol, in the morning in the mirror you will see a swollen face and swollen eyes. Drink a couple of glasses of champagne or a low-alcohol cocktail instead of a huge mug of beer or a liter of soda.

Take care of your hair in advance. In the evening, before going to the club, wash your head and make a simple styling, which can easily be refreshed in the morning. Curl soft curls – in the morning comb them with your fingers and secure with varnish. Do you have straight hair? Just in the morning, collect them in a tall tail and decorate spectacular barrette. So you will save time and do not be late for work, even if you run home in the morning for only half an hour.

To the skin of the face looked radiant and rested, before applying makeup, thoroughly clean the face with a scrub. Rinse your face with warm water, massage your skin exfoliant 2-3 minutes and rinse. Pat the face with a towel.

Если глаза все-таки опухли, а контур лица выглядит отекшим, протрите его кубиком льда. Лед отлично тонизирует кожу, сужает поры и уменьшает покраснения – свежий вид гарантирован. А чтобы процедура принесла еще больше пользы, заморозьте в формочках для льда отвар ромашки или листьев подорожника.

Is there a few extra minutes in the morning? Make energy mask-cocktail for smoothing wrinkles and improving the complexion. Cut the fresh orange in half, squeeze the juice with a juicer from one half, add to it a few drops of essential oil of mint or lemon. Saturate the resulting paper towel and put it on your face for 5 minutes. After you wash the mask with warm water, be sure to apply a moisturizer on your face. This magic tool will deprive you of the need to level the tone of your face with powder or other tonal remedy.

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