How to look good next morning after a party

How to look good next morning after a party
This situation is familiar to many – yesterday there was a party, and today we must go to work. Walked you well, but did not get enough sleep, and yesterday's alcohol and stifling smoky room did not add beauty.

Reflection in the mirror does not please, it's just depressing. Bruises under the eyes, pale and swollen face, ruffled and tobacco-smelling hair – how can you go somewhere like this? But everything is fixable, and depending on how much time you have in the morning, an emergency program for your appearance will be built.

In any case, first thing you need to remove the remains of yesterday's makeup, if you did not do it in the evening. Of course, going to bed made up is unacceptable and we know it very well, but there are situations, what case appears. We will not blame ourselves for this, but we will quickly cleanse the face. Usually we drink coffee in the morning or tea, but today is a special case, so you need to brew chamomile. This herbal infusion, drunk on an empty stomach, will help get the swelling off your face. If there is a parsley at home, you can brew it, the effect will be even better.

If you have a little time left, go to the shower soon. Help to wake up and feel cheerful aromas of mint or citrus fruits, which are usually saturated with morning shower gels. Then you need to lie down for about five to seven minutes, putting on your eyes compresses of cold tea or rose water. The face at the same time can be smeared with kefir or sour cream from the refrigerator. Then it will be good to wash with warm tea, and then rub your face with an ice cube. Grass ice is always desirable to have a stock in the freezer. Now it remains only to apply a day cream and make-up, and now you have quite a decent look.

If there is more time in the morning, then you can already reanimate yourself in full. It is worth taking a bath with invigorating essential oils (especially recommended rosemary) and sea salt. Of course, you need to wash your head to remove smell of tobacco. Do not forget to apply a mask instead of balm, hair is also worth energizing. Have to do and restore face mask. It can be the composition of choice: cream and cucumber juice, banana and egg yolk, ground oat flakes, yolk and olive oil. To hold such masochku it will be necessary minutes 20, and then to wash warm, and in the end with cold water.

Then it will be necessary to have breakfast. Now just the case when fatty and salty food will go to the exhausted organism only for the benefit. So you can fry yourself eggs and bacon, it's also good to drink kefir. Now you can start make-up. Today put aside bright, and especially red lipstick. It will attract unnecessary attention to the face, so it is better to use pastel tones or a neutral lip gloss.

It will not be necessary this time and black podvodka with bright shadows. Even black тушь лучше заменить на мягкую коричневую. Насыщенные цвета макияжа могут лишь подчеркнуть усталость глаз. Зато румяна будут очень уместны, оживят и освежат слишком бледное лицо.

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